Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oh Powerloss. How I Loathe Thee.

Oh comfort food, meet the newest member of the family.
Let's start off this blog entry with something happy, shall we?

Today is my friends' Kevan F's and Ida S's birthdays. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEM BOTH!!!)

In other news, I feel like crap.

Work is as work was. Nothing too amazing to report.

Now how I felt during the day is a completely different story.

Powerloss decided to rear its ugly head like some evil queen to say "Hello dearie. Remember me? I'm baaaaack..."

Monthly impending doom symptoms were hitting me hard, and all day my everything hurt, and it hurt bad. (Still does.)

I had planned on trying to make it to my friend's comedy show since it was near my apartment, but with the way I was feeling, all I wanted to do was eat all the junk foods while curled up in a ball at home and wash it all down with a cocktail or beer the size of my head (at least).

Toward the end of my shift, I was thinking of food - since powerloss makes my cravings go off the charts - and decided to finally try Pieology.  to try.) So with the help of Yelp, I found the closest location to the office and drove on over... all the while hating my body and trying to push through the desire to just pull over and curl up in the fetal position for a while.

The lot was still under construction since it was one of those plazas that looked like it was fancy-dancy apartments in the midst of shops and food places... so instead of parking near the restaurant like I wanted to, I ended up parking near a bakery (which was 85 C Bakery I didn't even know they'd opened a new location so... yay!) on the opposite side of the lot, and already in major discomfort, I got out of my car reasoning that I was already there - and that my fat ass could use the exercise - and this better be damn good pizza else I'll be PISSED!

When I finally got there, it wasn't super busy though it did have a good number of peeps sitting at tables, gabbing away, and enjoying their grub. When it was my turn, I ordered the Mad to Meat You which comes with pepperoni, sausage, meatball, mozzarella, house read sauce, and olive oil. I subbed out red sauce for Alfredo white sauce and added artichoke hearts, red onions, and cilantro.

And then I ended up succumbing to the PMS craving and added a Chocolate Chip Churro Dessert Pizza (yeah, you heard me right).

When I got home, I laid out both pizzas on my stove top, poured myself a beer, and set to working on my laptop to unwind.


I finished both pizzas.

NOW to be FAIR they were both personal size so they were a good serving for just me... and my PMS... and my low willpower when experiencing PMS and impending powerloss.

And... so... yeah. Now I'm feeling really tired (gee, I wonder why - LOL), and I'm going to end this post and go melt into my bed - well fed, medicated with food/booze/ibuprofen, and sleepy.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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