Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Q&A - Feeling Like Crap. Thanks Mother Nature.

Recovering from? Does PMS count?

Well you know what... I'm counting it.

This Saturday is my mother's birthday, and I'm planning on driving out for a visit to spend her day with her.

I have this app on my phone that chronicles your cycle to help you predict when you're going to start the next month and all that. I've been using for the past several months, and this week it guessed that I would be done with my cycle before heading to Fresno to see my family.


The app said I should have started yesterday. It even tells you when you open the app - You should be starting your period today.

Um (nods down toward my nethers) nope.

I really don't want to be going through my cycle when I visit my mom. Since she's never experienced (or claims to have not have) the same symptoms I have, she feels like I'm in a serious situation and need a doctor. And I always tell her all women are different and just because she didn't  go through what I'm going through doesn't mean anything. (And if she didn't go through any of this, I'm jealous and want to call her names.)

But yeah. My body is still doing its pre-aches/pains, rolling a natural 20 every time.

Lower back pain? Check.
Bad skin? Check.
Feeling like a fist the size of Mt Fuji just punched me in my pelvis? Check.
Bloated gut? Check.
Stomach grumbles? Check.
Nausea? Check.
Achey boobs? Check.

You know that phrase "no pain, no gain"? For all the "pain" I feel every month, my little Asian yumberries should see some kind of "gain" - it's only fair.

And yeah, I know that this question was probably more on the serious side, but since I'm seriously not feeling all the great (thank powerloss #sarcastic), that's what I wrote about. Now to take some ibuprofen, curl up in bed, and die (aka sleep, or at least try to).

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

PS... And that whole, "Why you in a bad mood? Must be that time of the month." Hate to break it to you world. I'm a bitch all-day, every-day. *drops mic*

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