Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dear Stationery! I Love You!

I love me some stationery. An office supply catalog is like porn to me (next to a book catalog or a boots catalog)

I was pretty young when I wanted my own planner. I wasn't like single-digits old or anything, but I was young enough to not really need any kind of planner since a calendar would have worked just as well for me in regards to what was going on in my life - like finals and science projects and all that.

I've had a few planners over the years, but none of them were really what I wanted.

Lately I've been thinking about getting another planner, but then the planners I've seen - including my old planner - don't have all the things I want in them. 

I've entertained the notion of making my own sheets for a planner of my very own, but I am way too lazy and would have no idea where to start.

An address book has your basic info - name, address, phone/fax/email - but I don't see anywhere for notes or birthdays or anniversaries.

I looked up online if there were things like birthday books, and there are, but I'm picky about layout and paper and the lined pages... yeah, I'm a little OCD about my stationery.

At present, I can't find my current planner. I know I had it at my previous residence, so I'm pretty sure it's somewhere currently in my apartment... I just don't know where it is... exactly.

Man I need to clean.

In the meantime I've been keeping notes of people addresses (newly moved) as well as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It's an ongoing process, but I hope to make my own planner sometime this year? Wait. Is that too ambitious? Maybe within a year. It is a big project after all, and I have work and other drama to deal with.

Yeah, let's just say this new project - one that will actually benefit me - will be in some decent state within a year.

LOL! Yeah. And in other news, it's bedtime. (Or the attempt at bedtime.)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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