Thursday, August 25, 2016

All That I Love Are Family

Last weekend I was in Fresno visiting my family for my mom's birthday.

That same weekend two friends were getting married. Also Alithea S flew in for the ceremony as well as spending time with other friends and family.

I got back into town the following Monday, and got to see Alithea after work Monday and Tuesday. Thursday a couple friends from SoCal (Steve C and Kathy W) were coming to town for work related things (mainly Steve's work, Kathy was tagging along for the ride to see Alithea). Kathy got to spend some time with Alithea while Steve was working. After work - and after Kathy was saying goodbye to Alithea - I met her at the hotel and hung out a bit before we drove off to get Steve since he was done with work. We hung out back at the hotel while Steve napped a bit... and then it was off to dinner.

It was several days of family and friends from out of town. And it was nice.

Showed my mom Words With Friends. She loves Scrabble, but the app was being weird so we started on Words With Friends. She's told me there people that aren't me on her phone, and she didn't want to play with them. I told her lots of people play the game, and some start random challenges with the people that plat the game. She asked, "But if I don't want to play with them?" I said, "Say no."

She also has tried to use the excuse that she's never played this game before (when she's not winning, mind you), and I remind her that it's just like Scrabble - just on the phone. Then her "complaints" became "the game stopped giving me letters" to which I had to explain that - like with Scrabble - you have limited amount of tiles. Her most recent "complaint" is that I'm not playing to expand the board, so I asked her, "Are you familiar with chess?" She was. I told that Words With Friends is just like chess... but with words. You have to think a few moves ahead, and you're trying to score the most points without letting the other person gain access to point tiles. When she continued to "complain," I had to remind her that we're playing against each other, so it's not my job to give you places to play her tiles. (She didn't like that, but she's since stopped "complaining.")

In other recent news, work is still cuckoo for Coco Puffs. Two people in my department are leaving at the end of the week. One left yesterday, and one is leaving Friday. So that bumps me up to the opening shift Monday to Friday which I'm sure my body will readjust to amazingly well. (And yes, that was sarcasm.)

So yeah... work is going to get crazy for me... crazier than usual (which can be pretty crazy in its own right). Really not looking forward to it, but oh well.

Regarding travel, I need to get my tires replaced, so hopefully that'll work out soon. This Saturday I have an appointment at my friend Casimir J's work to get two tires replaced, and then within a month's time, I'll need to get the other two done. So at present distant travels are postponed until all tires are replaced. (I have this nightmarish vision of me driving somewhere and all tires popping... and then leaving the rubber at the side of the road... like I've seen many times on various road trips.)

Paranoia aside, life has been okay. I've been off and on feeling very nesty... always meaning to go out and do something after lunch - most likely an errand or two - but I end up staying in with the laptop either watching shows or writing... or curling up in bed with a book or my phone playing games (I have about 10+ Words With Friends games with my mother to catch up on as well as some other friends that have joined in on the fun.)

Note: I played all the "-With Friends" games back in the day, but it got to the point where some people were like "Have you taken your turn yet?" and I decide to not message back something along the lines "I do have a life? Like work and things away from my phone." (It is a pet peeve when I'm invite out to hang out, etc, and everyone is on their phone. If you wanted to see me? See ME! Not your smartphone. If you wanted to have a quiet night in with your phone, you should have just said so."

Meh, that's just me.

Okay, done ranting/blogging/babbling. Time for bed.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!


  1. I just played a game with a friend and Words With Friends stopped replacing my tiles while there were still 8 in the bag, so my letters stopped being replenished three goes prior to all letters finished (i.e. it gave my friends letters four times after it had stopped giving them to me!) :-D

    1. Well damn. Words With Friends is being tile stingy.

      In all fairness, this could have happened to my mom, but she is "slightly" competitive (as in gives up when it's not going her way) and is also not the best at explaining things so there is a the tiniest of chances she meant something else.

      But the fact that not replenishing tiles being an actual thing? That's just lame. (Did you win the game?)