Friday, August 12, 2016

Q&A - Dream. Create. Achieve. Inspire. Repeat.

What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you?
Lately the the things that have been inspiring me have been books... specifically audiobooks.

Everything inspires me... from people to places to art to nature to... every-frakkin-thing.

I have audiobooks (thank you to Jimbo and his Audible account) on my phone as well as checked out from the library. (Currently I'm listening to "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor - the first book in a trilogy, read by Khristine Hvam.)

I have a thing for stories - from storytellers to books to theatre to shows - a good story always pulls me in. Movies about authors/poets - biopic or fictional - or even movies with writers/poets - real or imagined - immediately got me. But if the movie is about the writing itself? That usually inspires me more. Like the movie Alex & Emma. The writer himself is fictional to the story, but they go through the process of writing a novel, and the style and wording and story... it makes me want to write.

Lately it's been books - the performance of them. Stories in any form - TV, theatre, music, whatever - grab me in different ways, and it's sort of like how they describe love when they say "the heart wants what the heart wants." For me, when reading a book or watching a movie or listening to a recording... for the most part I am in it. I am there - in the moment - following the story - and being entertained by it.

But in some instances, there is that moment where I'm pulled in even futher, and I'm so in the moment that if anyone were to bother me, I might do them bodily harm... that is, if I could hear them since I'm in the zone. Sometimes the feels are provoked due to a recent event I haven't truly processed yet, but most of the time it's just the groove I hit in the story I'm enjoying.

It's the author's words... and then mixed with a great actor's performance? I'm affected on a whole new level.

So in the moments when I'm listening to an audiobook, and that moment hits when I'm really feeling it, and my emotions are all over the place - I mean, I am invested - it's those moments that make me want to write.

Problem is, I want write then and there, but I also want to know what happens next. I often pull up and park to wherever it is I've driven to, and I sit in my car for a while listening to the book thinking "okay just until the end of this chapter" or "maybe to the end of the disc" and then I have to force myself to get out of the car because the longer I spend in the car, the more likely the store will close, and I won't be able to run the errands I need to.

And then by the time I get home and put away the groceries, etc, the high is fading slightly and the energy is depleted and the inspiration is lost. The want is still there, but all the other kids went on vacation with no return date posted.

I suppose it sounds like an excuse, but honestly it's the truth.

At present I'm trying to work on my novel. I've started several, and the last one I tried working on for the the last NaNoWriMo I am determined to finish since I have a friend that once told me he loves what I write, that it's good, that I have great ideas - but I never seem to finish anything. So my goal is to finish this one. It feels like it's taking forever, and I keep reading and listening to audiobooks but life is a fickle bitch and by the time I get home, my body is shot, energy gone, and all my body wants to do is collapse when my brain is screaming "But the laptop is over there..."


I need to sort through all the stuff I've written so far and compare it to the outline and find where I need more and also to link bits together and maybe reorganize some stuff.

I often wonder how much it would cost to bring all I've got now to Kinko's and print everything out so I can sort it and spread it out on my floor and post-it note and then work on it some more on the laptop.

Not looking forward to editing, but that's getting ahead of myself.

But for the record, the last thing(s) that inspired me (and I realize now that this could be any kind of inspiration, but I chose to focus it on my writing since that's what first came to mind) were the audiobooks I've listened to, the stories they held, and were told by the author as well as the actor reading the story. (The previous audiobooks I listened to before "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" were Fairest, Winter, and Stars Above written by Marissa Meyer, read by Rebecca Soler; as well as A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses, I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas, The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire, The Single Undead Mom's Club, and Better Homes and Hauntings written by Molly Harper, read by Amanda Roncone. (There may be more, but my brain is tired and can't think of them right now.)

There are non-story things that inspire me to do non-writing things, and possibly when I'm more awake, I'll add to this post later. But for now?

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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