Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

What once was a regular post turned into a poem of sorts...
Originally this was to be a post
A series of words about something that’s be on my mind
As of late
But the more I think on it
The more I can’t seem to formulate
Comprehensive thoughts
So here I sit before my laptop
Trying to compose something
That along with you - that I can understand
So instead I’ll keep it to this

*the following is a stream of consciousness… thing…*


Dear you - and you know who you are
What is your deal?
Your problem?
Your situation?
The attitude you sling on a day to day basis
It bothers me
It makes me angry in return
And I don’t like that

You with your commentary on every little thing
You with your words spoken without knowing the facts
You with your practice what I preach attitude
When everyone knows you don’t practice your own sermons

You with you saying things when they don’t need to be said
But letting everyone else in your path know your thoughts
You with your griping but not speaking up to the people
That can make change

You with attitude like we’re not all going through the same thing
You with your getting mad when you have no reason
You with your everyone else is wrong pretense
When it was your fault to begin with

From the best I can recall
I have never treated you poorly (as you have to me)
I have never yelled at you (as you have to me)
I have never blamed you (as you have to me)
I have never pointed out your flaws and mistakes
(As you have to me)

I refuse to reduce myself to your level
To speak such words in front of witnesses
To act in such a way that demeans my person
And my soul
Admittedly there are those that I vent to
Friends who are there for everything
Including my word vomit of ranting
Which has included you
And in the end I feel better
And choose to walk on a higher road
In hopes of not crossing paths with yours

Yet my limited time with you has begun to wane on me
On my ability to pick my battles
And move forward with life
You are not the random person in traffic that cuts me off
Or any other average joe
Even though I only share space with you
A few hours
Of a few days
Each week
That is beginning to feel way longer than I would care for
Yet I have no say in the matter
But if I did, you or I would be elsewhere

Others think your proclamations and commentary
Your rants and sarcastic comments
Are humorous
I feel the laughter you evoke at these times
Merely encourages your bad behaviour
And somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind
You think this is what they want
Your public desires your sassiness
When in reality, you need to shut your yap

That’s right
I said it
Here in my little corner of the universe
Because why?
Because it’s my own corner of the universe
No one else is here whilst I type this
No one needs to read this
They can choose to do so or not
But it’s a choice
A choice I don’t have when it comes to being around
And don’t get it twisted
I may not agree with what you say
But I do believe in your right to say it
But to add on to that little moral compass bullet point
I also believe in that - if it doesn’t harm anyone else
And I feel whenever you open your mouth
The negativity that falls out stabs everyone around you
Like a shrapnel grenade exploding in Disneyland
No longer the happiest place on Earth
Since you unleashed your YOU

You’re becoming toxic to me
It’s getting increasingly harder to keep it in
To resist the urge to punch you in the face
And tell you to shut the fuck up
Perhaps your vitriol has increased in its power
Perhaps you have no idea what has happened
But being around you makes me tense
My stomach upsets and the social nausea
Of being in the proximity of your animosity
Which I can no longer tolerate

I don’t know your personal life
If you’re going through things
Which fuel the animosity that spills from
So if you’re going through something
My best wishes are for you
But simply take note that others may be
Going through their own hardships
And when you sling your poison
It could very well infect them in a way
In which they spew forth their own venom
Which you will be the target
They may not be upset with you
But that won’t matter then

So be conscious of your words
Let your actions be that of a gentler soul
Your voice one more thoughtful
And considerate
And kinder
Than you are now

But until then
I will do my best to let your
Slide off of me
I will do my best to let your
Not affect me
I will do my best to let your
Go unheard and unnoticed

So I wish you the best
And best take care of yourself
And be kinder to the world
And the people around you
But most of all
I wish you to be a better



Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness! Rae

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