Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today My Life Was Boring. (And Yours?)

It's been that kind of... day?... week?... I don't even know anymore.
Today is my brother's birthday. Everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNN!!!

Go ahead. (I'll wait.)


Awww, you're all so sweet. I'm sure my brother is all warm and fuzzy from all the love. ^_^

I had planned to get him a birthday card, but since I'll be heading to Fresno this weekend, I was going to bring his presents/cards to him altogether (birthday and Father's Day). His presents will be beer - one for each day. He asked for barrel aged beer, and I am sure I'll find something he hopefully likes.

What did I do today? I worked a 10-hour shift.

Normally the three lovely college girls work the closing shift during the week, but since two of them had unexpected emergencies, I was asked to stay until 8pm (when I usually get out at 6:30pm).

*sings* You down OT? Yeah, you know me!

Instead of taking my normal 30min lunch (I used to take an hour, but my manager gave some of us the option of taking a half and leaving 30min early), I got an hour. I left the office, ran some errands, grabbed some Starbucks (Very Berry Hibiscus - can we say Trente, anyone?), and headed back to the office.

It was thankfully a bit on the slow side that night, and after about 6-7pm, it was just me and the one college chica - Nicole SN. I got some things done, but in the end, I didn't really feel accomplished when I clocked out at 8pm.

After work, I recorded my usual quick happy birthday song video to my brother and texted it to him before hopping in my car and heading home.

SANCTUARY!!! (Yeah, just call me Quasimodo.)

And my evening was spent surfing the net, trying to get sorted for my weekend trip, and daydreaming about sleep which has been ever allusive for me lately. (Yeah, really not digging the weirdo dreams. Those can stop now. Thanks.)

But yeah, that was a grand summation of my day today. Work and sleep with some lunch and a sprinkling of errands and laziness thrown in.

And how was everyone else's day?

Go ahead. Tell me. I'll wait.


Actually, I think it's bedtime. (Sorry.)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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