Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Q&A - I'm Shiny! In A Special Kind Of Way!

Were you born to shine in one special way? What makes you really stand out?
I'd like to think that I was born to shine... like everyone else in the world. We all shine in our different way which makes it just that much more special.

As for me? I knew right away I wanted to be a writer. From day one, I loved stories. I always found them fascinating. I remember getting to see storytellers tell folktales and other stories, and I was completely in the moment. From that point, no matter what else I became nerdy over - video games, comics, novels, tv/movies, theatre - it all boiled down to story for me.

Over the years I found that I was a bit of a performer. Perhaps when I was younger, I did it so people would like me (let's hear it for low self-esteem!) - but that was a small part of it. As time went on, the fact that I could make people laugh at the things that came up off the top of my head? Sure that was flattering, but the smiles on their faces - the sounds of their laughs - it made me happy to see them happy.

I think it was around high school - when I finally found my personality and identity and was no longer acting a certain way depending who was around me - that I came to the epiphany that I believed my purpose in this world was to be entertain people.

I hate seeing people sad or angry. So I try when possible and appropriate to make them smile. And even if they're someone I just met at the gas station or in line at the store, if I can get even the smallest of smiles from them, and even if it doesn't last, I know that I've made them happy... at least for a few fleeting moments, and I hope that spark stays with them and blossoms into something greater even if I'm not there to witness it or partake in that joy.

My main passion has always been stories - writing - and I'm still working on getting that out there. But while I work on it, spreading a little joy and kindness about isn't too bad of a way to pass the time.

As for what really makes me stand out? My sense of humor, my chattyness, and my hair. Everything else is just window dressing. *wink*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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