Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It Should Always Be NapTime...

Seriously... sleep is my BFF...
Yesterday I was asked to switch shifts with the girl who sits behind me. She asked our manager if she could start later since she had to take her little girl to her doctor's appointment. To help with coverage, our manager thought it'd be better if we just swapped shifts.

And of course I was happy to oblige.

So last night was a closing shift for me, but since now we have a night lead person, I no longer have to stay until later... I can leave exactly at 9pm. (Yay me!)

But then I had to come in at 8am today which means I should go to bed almost as soon as I get home, right? Maybe wind down from the day for an hour or so and then pass out because I have to be up early, right?. But do I? Nope.

Now the switch in schedules meant that I got the shorter shift, and got out earlier... around 3pm. My manager said that since I lost some hours due to the swap, I could work something out with her to make up the rest, and my mind had every intenstion of staying a couple extra hours to make up for it, but as time lagged on during the day, going home felt more of an option.

But what did I do? I went out with a friend to run errands.

In my defense, when I have weird sleep schedules like this, I try to stay awake all day until the evening so my schedule isn't thrown off too bad for the next day and so on... but then I was so tired by 3pm my body just assumed that I was going to pass out at home. Instead I went out with Jess F to run errands since we were both going to a birthday party at the beach at the of the week, and we needed supplies for food we were making for the event.

So yeah... to her place... errands... changed mind on some of the errands... headed back to her place for burgers. (Yum!)

I got home late from a productive and (later) fun day, and here I am. On a positive note, I stayed up all day.

Now to try and go to sleep.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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