Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stand Back! We Have Productivity!

Vladimir: She certainly has a mind of her own.
Dimitri: Yeah. I hate that in a woman.
-from the animated movie "Anastasia"

So here I am... at the office... on a lunch break... blogging.

Yeah, that's how I roll.

We had a meeting that went from 2pm to 3pm. Then it got a little scattered, and I didn't order dinner in time and by the time I was reminded I had to clock out for my lunch break, it was 5:30pm (90min after the cut-off time) so now I'm drinking Sugar Free Redbull, eating ranch-flavored Munchies snacks, and trying to plot out this blog post as well as the next couple days.

And I was going to get curry, too. *pouty face*

And without further ado... here's a story blog update...
See that? I actually wrote something. Woo hoo. Well, I HAVE been writing... just not much in the way of these story blogs... which I feel guilty about since I miss my kids. Instead I've been working on this new stuff that keeps bogarting my brain. The good thing is that I'm writing. The bad? My kids are being ignored.

But I wrote a fight scene... so that's cool. It was for the LEVERAGE fanfic, and it was two guys against the girl character I created for a story arc. She had a fight with Eliot and went back to her motel room, and he's feeling bad and decided to go apologize, but low and behold when he gets there, he sees her door swinging open and finds her gone with nothing left but the aftermath of a fight.

Well, I haven't written THAT part yet, but I finished the fight part. There's a knock on her door, she thinks it's him, opens the door and sees bad guy #1. They fight, the room gets tossed a bit, when she thinks she can make a break for it after subduing bad guy #1, she meets bad guy #2. 

That scene ends with her becoming overcome and taken... to be followed by Eliot finding the room tossed and her gone.


Sometimes the scenes in my head seem WAY cooler than the words I put down on the page.

So yeah, I'm headed out of town this weekend. Tomorrow I shall be getting some energy drinks, and since I'll be making the trek with my brother, I think I'll get enough to share. I know he drinks those kind of drinks, and they are not necessarily made to taste good, so I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever I have to share.

There's also snacks and a bag. Also gotta check on cat food and vitamins and all that. Got litter last night. Got a new extra cat box (which I'll try my new liners courtesy of Leah G). Also got some extra stuff that I needed that were not trip related. I don't work until 4pm tomorrow so that just means I gotta get my ass early enough to take care of stuff and then fight my way through commuter traffic to get to work.

Man, I'm tired.

Okay, lunch hour is over. Time to sign off on this bad boy and clock back in. Hopefully I'll get some more writing done by Friday that I can be happy about as well as sneak some internet time in to post this thing.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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