Friday, February 1, 2013

Driving For 3 Hours In a Little Over 3 Hours...

Cos people think I'm on drugs and I'm not. I'm really quite... just a bit of coffee. When I take drugs I start going, "Oh, would you like insurance?"
-Eddie Izzard from his show "Definite Article"

It's lunch time, people. And you know what that means.

Time to tell you that I wrote NOTHING!!!

Okay, well that's a lie. True - I did not update anymore of my story blogs, but I did write a little more in my notebook so... there ya go.

The last few days have been spent working closing shifts at work and plotting/planning for my out of town trip this weekend. I had to get up a little earlier than usual to run some errands before work, and as a result, I am hella tired yo! But I will survive. The last couple days I came in at 2pm and 4pm and closed both nights. Tonight I also close but I started at 12pm. The line at the gas station wasn't too long, but it was filled with a lot of people that filled me with a lot of irritation.

After work tonight, I'm headed out of town to Fresno where the following morning my brother, his family, and I will be trekking to SoCal as the asscrack of dawn to go see our Grandma (aka Grand Maw). We haven't been able to see her in a while due to various things... for me it's mostly been lack of funds to travel at all. But now I'm working so hopefully my traveling will change some... depending on my availability.

I was debating if I wanted to order something from work or grab something while on the road. I settled for work, and I'm getting some Thai food (honey pork and steamed rice). Meanwhile, I'm Starvin' Marvin so I snagged some of the Pop Tarts from my car (back up snacks) and have been noshing on them. Passing by the break room, there are these large buffet trays of food. I forgot they had another driver's training meeting today and if they have leftovers, they usually put them in the break room for whoever wants it. I went in to fill my bottle with water and snagged a forkful of gnocchi in pesto sauce.

I love my carbs too much to ever be thin again. I will look like a giant sized gnocchi with an afro for the rest of my life.

(looks at clock)

Lunch is almost over. Dinner countdown... leaves another couple hours.


But okay. Time to sign off this bad boy since the hour is almost up, and I have other stuff I want to write.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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