Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Very Slow Recovery...

Sometimes you think you don't have hope but you keep on anyway and then you know you have hope.
-Miss Dodger from "Phoebe in Wonderland"

Currently at Jim G and Leah G's house. Did them a favor (which I don't really consider a favor) and afterwards have been lounging about in their lovely home enjoying the peace and quiet of not being at my home.

Yesterday I worked 3pm to close (aka 9:15pm at the earliest). Got here early since I had to make a pit stop at my storage unit before heading out to Enterprise to return my "courtesy of my accident" car. The lovely Jess F met me there and waited while I settled my paperwork. After Enterprise... we boldly went where some have gone before and headed to June B's place to pick up her Crown Vic she's lending me while she's out of town. I believe I have it for the week. Not sure what I'm going to do after that.

Yesterday was my first day driving it to work. It was a true adventure.

Everyone thinks of police cruisers when they think of Crown Vics. (I think of John Casey from CHUCK!)

In other news, I'm still waiting to get my settlement payment. Dummy bank never transferred my snarf over to me so I'm currently waiting for the notarized bank document (that is being mailed from Illinois) to arrive so I can take it to the bank for my title.

When the DMV told me that I had to contact the bank before I could get my title... and even when the bank people told me I could take the letter to the DMV to get my title... I thought Oh... they're just going to give me my title when I go in. Now I keep thinking... with the way this whole thing has been going... that it's going to take FOREVER for me to get my damn title.

Will it take the usual 4-8 weeks? Or will it be immediate?

I just want to bash my head into something... HARD! *sigh*

Also finding a nice, reliable used car is something I've never done before. My first car was a hand-me-down Honda Civic from my mother (that did a great impersonation of an accordion many years ago when a Toyota Camry slammed into the back of my car sending me straight into the Toyoto 4-Runner in front of me.

That's how I got Libby.

When I had my Honda, Jeep Liberty's had come out, and I liked them. I like Jeeps all around, but I never really saw myself in something like a Wrangler or as large as a Cherokee or even the pickups. Also back then, I was doing renaissance faires on a regular basis so the room for my camping gear and costume stuff was nice.

I remember getting shit for having what some dubbed a "Soccer Mom" car. Some people I knew called me a yuppie for having an SUV (which I thought funny since I didn't even have a cell phone much less a pager, and I had friends that were tech people that had five cars, a house, multiple cell phones, a laptop, etc..

My friend Zoe H thought it looked like a "pregnant rollerskate".

But I loved Libby. (Still do.) Thinking about her now hurts a little. She was born in 2002, and I "adopted" her in 2003. She was 11 when she "passed", and I miss her greatly.

What's funny is that I really didn't think about the times I've had with her until someone pointed out "But you LOVED that car!" A couple people have said that to me, and it's starting to become the "YOU COULD HAVE DIED!" reminder... though less annoying.

I have found myself not really thinking about the accident much lately... the flashes of headlights and occasional flinching have gone away for the most part... but there are still moments when I slow down at an intersection where I have the green and my head snaps from side to side looking for some impending doom that isn't there (which sucks balls since my neck is all kinds of stiff and turning, especially at faster than a leisurely snail pace, causes my muscles to get grumbly and causes me to squint... and not in a natural Asian kind of way).

Going to the chiropractor has been making me happy. When I hear the crack of my bones, I'm filled with joy. Every once in a while, I hear a set of rhythmic crackles from knee or ankle or neck, and even though I know it's my body adjusting and being "normal", there's a part of me that is slightly paranoid that something has gone amiss... but then I mentally talk myself off that ledge and breathe easier... eventually.

Today at my chiro appointment, I got my left shin taped up with that special tape (spider tape? it was used a lot during the last Olympics). It's supposed to help with the circulation in my leg as well as the swelling. The bruise now looks like a giant red spot (though it still on occasion feels like a bruise). The tape will last at least for three days, six depending on how my skin reacts to it. I'm also not supposed to scrub it in the shower when bathing, and if it starts looking icky, take it off. The tape is blue, the mark on my leg is red, and my skin is kind of pale, so the overall theme of my shin looks morosely patriotic.

And right now it just did that frakkin aggravating thing where it doesn't really throb, just feels really intense, like reminding me it's there in case I forgot. (Of course I didn't forget you. For frak sakes, I was in the car with you when it all happened.)

I think the bruises around my ankle have disappeared in color though when I cross my legs at the ankles, I have to put my right one behind the left because it still feels like a bruise. (And my knee is just doing it's own thing.)

Saturday Jim G accompanied me to some car lots to look at their used vehicles to see what I would like and what I could afford. Unfortunately out of the four places we went (Hyundai, Ford, Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep and Kia), there was only one car that was within my price range, and it wasn't much of a car. I do like the Kia Soul as well as the Dodge Caliber, but I don't think I'll be able to afford those.

And I think Jim G and Leah G are home so I'm going to finish this at my house... where all the frakkin dogs are.

(time lapse)

At home now... and kinda tired so I'm going to finish this post up really quick.

On a happy note, I found my notarized bank letter regarding my car waiting for me when I walked in the door so that's something pretty cool that happened today. Now I just need to find time to hit the DMV to get my title. Maybe I can swing by before work Friday? Yeah. I can do that, right? I don't have to be at the office until 10am. Yeah. That should work.

Ugh. I'm finding it difficult to stay awake. Sure I only had three hours (maybe) of sleep last night but hey... at least my hair's been cute lately... or just less annoying to me.

Woo hoo. It's the little things.

While at Jim and Leah's still, I surfed the net for cars and emailed myself some links. Jim gave me some tips about mileage (how much is ideal for the year of the car). I kept looking at compact cars and coupes, but occasionally I saw some SUV type cars with the tires on the back, and I thought of my FRO tire cover Chris C had made for me many moons ago (the infamous birthday/Christmas/Valentine's present). I'd see the pictures and think of what the tire cover would like on the spare tire. The first thought would be what kind of gas mileage does it have... because SUV's aren't necessarily fuel efficient... but if I could have my tire cover again... that would make me happy.

Oh, and to take the car to San Diego in July. That'd be cool, too... that is, if I could swing the trip to NERD HQ.

Okay, sleep needs to happen now... so I'm signing off. Enough babbling. Time for some awesome dreaming to happen.

Also need to rest so I can fill out my title paperwork for the DMV. Right now, it's taking A LOT of concentration just to end this post.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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