Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And Then There Was This...

If things were easy to find, they wouldn't be worth finding.
-Thomas Schell from the movie "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"

Hear ye! Hear ye! Look at this shit!
Yes my lovelies... I wrote something.

Other than that, nothing much has happened in my life. I've piddled about in my notebook for a while working on something for BGL, but that's all that's gone on along the writing front.

In other news, I'm trying not to fret over my frakkin car issues. I'm still waiting for my title courtesy of the DMV. I've been 'window-shopping' for a car, but it's pretty pointless at this point since I have NO IDEA when I'm supposed to be getting my money. And then talking with friends last night, it's like, "No two ways about it... you're fucked!" One guy was trying to tell me about having a buyer, and people were using terms that were just going WAY over my head... also at the time I was tired, hungry and suffering from a major headache/migraine. Fact of the matter is, I'm not too mechanically inclined so aside from knowing simple stuff, I'm afraid that I'm going to get screwed over when I eventually do buy a car.

My mom wants me to come to Fresno to shop for a car, but I keep telling her I don't have my money yet, and also that it's not realistic for me to trek all the way out there to get a car since I rarely have two days off in a row. She was even willing to buy me a train ticket to get out there which is a nice gesture... but still.

This whole "car accident" thing has been rather draining on me. Returning the rental didn't help my mood any. I have wonderful friends that have helped me out (kudos to June B and Jess F and a skosh to Nate C). I just want this all to be over already. I want to have a car again. I want to be able to not feel so stranded and dependent on people.

And then the whole trying to find a car... thing... *grumble*

I miss Libby.

Monday was my first day doing the public transportation cha-cha. There's a lightrail station near my house that takes me all the way to a lightrail station near my job. This week my shifts have started at 9am, so instead of getting up two hours early (one hour for getting ready which also includes making sure I have bathroom/shower time and dealing with my landlady's little dogs) to commute time (freeways becoming parking lots... so annoying), I get up three hours early so I can make sure I have time to shower, dress, walk to station, and later walk to work.

And then I do it ALL in reverse at the end of the day.

My first public transpo day, I nearly passed out on the lightrail on the way home. The station I go to near my house is one stop away from the end of the route (per the map, anyway). I keep trying to visualoze where that stop is, if I've driven by it before, but I can't - for the life of me - figure out where it's at. Back in my old public transpo days, I've been on the brink of passing out and literally have leapt from the train like Rowan Atkinson from "The Rat Race". (Yeah, I know. I'm magical.)

Tuesday was chiropractor before work day. I had asked Jess F if she could take me to my appointment, then take me to work (since there would be no way to catch the lightrail and get to work on time), and then I'd just get myself home. She had work stuff that was time sensitive so she picked me up, took me to my appointment, got a little gas in her car, and then went to her house where I would take her car to work and then drive it back to her place at the end of my day. (On the way home, my PMS was screaming for pizza, but being lazy, I hit up a Taco Bell for XXL steak nachos... and nearly finished it all.)

I feel fat.

Today it was back to the lightrail. I have a Clipper Card (which is essentially a transportation gift card: you load money onto it, swipe it at stations before hopping on the train, and reload when needed. The other day I thought How am I supposed to reload the card if I can't get to the drugstore?

I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Right now, I'm trying to remain positive. I'm trying to stay happy and reaffirm the fact that this will all sort itself out in the end. (I just hope that end isn't several months from now.)

Ways to put a positive spin on things:
  • I'll be doing a lot of walking. It'll be good to stretch out my left leg a little as well as get some excercise. (It's nice to see the "moves" app on my iPhone have more steps walked on it than it usually does.)
  • Getting caught up on my reading.
  • Alone time with nature. (Sight-seeing, getting out of the house, enjoying the fresh air.)
  • Taking into account my insomnia and the extra time I need to make sure I get to the lightrail on time, this should get me a little more tuckered out at the end of the day and perhaps help me get to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Waiting for my title in the mail so I can send off the settlement paperwork and get my check -- leaves me more time to "window shop" for cars.
  • I think I'm coming out of my writing rut.
  • My friends are awesome at showing off how awesome they are by helping me out with things.
  • Getting letters/drawings from my niece in the mail are quite uplifting.
  • My HALLS lozenges come with positive affirmations that make me smile.
  • I didn't have to walk through a downpour this morning on the way to the train station.
  • Tomorrow my lovely Girlfriend Kathy W has offered to come and pick me up from work, take me back to her place for Dusty's World (the first Thursday in a long time that I'm not closing), and then eventually take me home. Yay!
  • Been having decent hair days.
Yeah. That seems to be it for now. I'm trying to think positively.
  • I will get my title soon. 
  • I will send in my paperwork to the insurance people. 
  • I will get my check soon thereafter. 
  • I will find a reliable used car soon after that and not get vehicularly frakked over.
  • I will easily acquire new insurance for my new/used car.
  • I will get my taxes done.
  • I will have a positive outcome to my taxes issue (big drama, don't ask)
  • I will get my iPhone 5 (and give my brother my iPhone 4)
I've realized that due to not being able to go anywhere for lunch, I have to start ordering meals through work... which is fine. I had a salad Monday, nothing Tuesday, had a peaches and cream smoothie waiting for me at work for breakfast this morning, got a Sugar-free Red Bull for my department meeting, and ordered a Subway sandwich and a Vietnamese coffee for lunch.

Feeling pretty okay right now.

Also been working on the Mac at work... we're testing out new computers to see what programs we use work on what new computer since the ones we have are slowly dying. So far it's pretty all right. The best part about using the newer computer is the bigger monitor that they hooked up to it as well as the newer keyboard they hooked up to it, too. (Keyboards and mice are wireless.)

Friday is xrays and appointment at the chiropractor's office.

Sunday I close at work... so that should be interesting... taking the lightrail to work in the afternoon and taking it home at night. (I just heard a voice in my head say I AM BATMAN!)

Vietnamese coffee is tasty. #happymaking (<== yeah, I just hashtagged a blog post, deal with it)

Okay, enough of that. I think this post has gone on long enough. Even though I'm getting some of my writing mojo back, we'll see how my three times a week blog posts go.

Need to clock back in soon.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

PS...My mom just left me a message. She says she sending me a package... which will include my gloves I let her borrow during my niece's birthday party and some surprises. (Anyone wanna take guesses what will be in the box?)

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