Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rain, Trains, and Aches & Pains

Sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling.
-Vickie from the movie "Reality Bites"

I got to walk in the rain yesterday. It was nice.

It was a little grey in the sky yesterday, and it made me happy. By the time I got out of work, it had started to drizzle. From the office, I walked past my lightrail stop to drop my settlement payment paperwork at one of the businesses dropboxes nearby. As I continued to walk, the rain got a little harder though it never turned into a torrential downpour or anything. When I eventually made it to the lightrail, I scanned my card and then sat waiting for the next train to come. I snacked on my leftover curry from lunch and managed to finish that off as the train pulled up.

It was so yummy. I think I'll order it again sometime. It was just the right kind of spicy for me.

On the way home, there was some issue with our train, and it couldn't go any further. I had my earbuds in so I didn't really hear what the frak was going on. We were about a third of the way done with our route when we all had to get up and get on the train in front of us.

Now the thing I didn't really think about until we were almost to the second-third of the route was that some of the routes over lap and run parallel with each other and then break off. The route I take runs together with another route that splits apart someplace downtown. I had happened to look at one of the maps posted above the doors of the train and noticed we were nearing the split, and I just knew that my luck put me on a train that wasn't heading to my neighborhood. Sure enough the next stop veered us left when my route would have taken us right. I got off at that stop and followed the lightrail tracks until I got to the next stop for my route.

I stood there on the platform swaying from side to side just wanting to get home. I was SO tired. I just wanted to pass the frak out.

I walked through the little downtown area of my city (which is only about several blocks long), bought myself some donuts on the way, and then went home. I watched a little Hulu and thought about writing some, but after the last episode I watched, I put the minibook away, shut the lights, curled up with my cat and passed the frak out.

My "idea" was still in my head as well as scenes I'd conjured of my fanfic where I play the new character I created. (I don't know if anyone else does this - probably not - but I usually don't write down most of my fanfic ideas. Even though I don't really write anything down, I have the story in my head so I can play out any scene I want. Usually the scenes play themselves as if to say write me, please but I'm weird about fanfic. Lately with the LEVERAGE fanfic, I've been replaying some somewhat serious, intense scenes. It's like my mind is working out how best to go about it... like numerous rough drafts before the final copy. I'll do this with my own work as well, but usually I write those ideas down.)

In any case, enough of that babble.

In other news, my neck is frakked.

X-rays came back, and there is definite bad crap going on with my neck. My chiro doc is going to start giving me exercises to do this Friday... so he'll adjust everything else EXCEPT my neck and we'll go from there. That makes me sad really since I feel better after he adjust my neck, and I usually don't feel icky until the next day or so. Yeah, this exercise thing is most likely a long-term fix, but it just makes me think of the song lyric "we gotta long way to go and a short time to get there" but for me, I want to be better now, but it just seems to be taking forever.

So I'll have neck and ankle exercises. Woo hoo. I'm (sarcastically) excited. If the exercise results are anything like the ones for my ankle, I know what to expect.

And I don't know if it's actually there or not, but I feel a divet in my shin.

You know when you feel something odd on one side of your body so you check out the same spot on the other side and if it's there, you feel relieved like "Okay, that's supposed to be there." I have that athletic tape still on my leg in that tic-tac-toe pattern, and in the middle square is the brusied part of my leg, and at one point... it seems to be concave. I think it's just me being weird with all the other aches and pains I feel. Hopefully all of this will blow over, and I will be "me" again... whoever that is cuz I think I've forgotten.

Just finished my iced Vietnamese coffee. Hopefully - if it does at all - the caffeine will kick in soon. I like to think that if I just believe - like with faeries in Peter Pan - they'll work and wake me up.

So far? Hasn't worked. *Dammit!*

Okay, lunch hour almost up so I should really get going to posting this. I assume by now you know that I haven't written anything new else I would have posted it earlier. Hopefully maybe something new will happen by the end of the week? *eyes calendar* Beginning of next?

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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