Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreaming of Writing...

So, now that we've determined that I belong here, let's talk about you.
-Lorna from the movie "Running on Empty"

So today's post brings you no story blog updates.

Instead it brings you ME... on my lunch hour... having absolutely NO IDEA what to write about.

Hmmm, something writing-related.

Ah! Well, I figured out a part of my LEVERAGE fanfic that I'll never write. LOL! Yeah. That's how I roll. I think of storylines for stuff I'll never (most likely) write. Cuz I don't have enough to do in my day.

The part that I figured out was this big baddie reveal and how long it would take to deal with that situation and how. In show terms, it would be plotted out in three episodes. In real time? Who knows. For some reason, I keep thinking of it in terms of episodes since that's how I'm used to getting my LEVERAGE fix.

In other news, I have been toying around with an old idea but with a new twist... well, not so much a new twist, but since the accident, I've been thinking of trying to write a story from the first person narrative like Jim Butcher a la Dresden Files or Laurell K. Hamilton a la Anita Blake. I've always stayed away from first person (present) for whatever reason, but I'm venturing out of my comfort zone... sort of.

I'm merely trying stuff out. If it looks good to me, feel right, I'll post some stuff or whatever. If it doesn't, I'll most likely complain here about my epic writing fail. Ha!

Man, I'm tired.

Jess F had a St Patty's Day get together at her place yesterday. I came by and helped out a little before the official festivities were to start. I cut melon (as well as my fingertips a little bit), and then I went out to get three bags of ice and a lemon. The friends were fab. The food was yum. I even got Kevin Z to commit to a deadline for my "Narnia" story. He's always told me that he'd come home with the want or intention to write, but then he'd be so tired... so the only real writing he did was blogging. But then he took up this challenge to blog everyday, and I saw him last night and asked him about it thinking if he can blog everyday...

Yeah, you get the idea.

So I originally said he could just make it like a birthday present for me since my birthday is November (and he's always asking for extensions - "next month, I'll have it done next month" - that kind of thing. But then he said that March was kind of frakked for him so perhaps he could get it done in April. Surprised at this offer, he then quickly added, "I'll take your November deadline, but if I get it done earlier than that..."

And we left it there.

At the moment, I'm finding it very hard to stay awake. Well, I'm just groggy. I really don't want to fall asleep on the lightrail. REALLY don't. I've done the head-bobbing thing where you try to fight the sleep, but I feel that I've nodded off a few times but only for a few minutes. I've done that jerk my head move wondering if I had fallen asleep and then realized that I must have since I felt a little more rested than I did before. (I did that once in junior high during last period science. We were separated into tables, and I sat at one in the middle of the room, my back to the counter. We were going to watch a movie, and it really didn't hold my interest. I remember folding my arms on my books that were on the table in front of me, resting my chin on my arms, the lights went out, the movie started... and then my head jerked up a bit, eyes popping open, and I saw the lights turn on. I asked the chic across from me at my table if I had fallen asleep. She said yes. I asked for how long. She said for about 15-20min. On the one hand, I felt bad for falling asleep in class. On the other hand? I felt SO much better for getting that little bit of rest.

It's the little things... or little naps, rather.

I had a car for the weekend. It was nice. The lovely Kathy W lent me her car since she would be out of town for the weekend. Today is her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!!), and she has the day off today. I drove in, and she picked it up after her and Steve got back in from out of town.

Yup. It was nice to have a car for a bit.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out where the frak a FedEx box is so I can drop off my settlement paperwork. It would be fantastic if there was one somewhere close to the lightrail stations. I think there might be, but I'd have to overshoot the lightrail station to get to it and then head back. I'm hoping it's not too far... that is, if I'm right. Currently looking on the frakkin FedEx site to see if they have a map of dropboxes... though it's not proving helpful.

WOO HOO!!! Found a box... near my house... not too out of the way. SUCCESS!!!

Okay, I think I'll sign off on this post since I feel a stream of babble about to form in my noggin which will eventually course through my veins into my fingertips and boom! - out onto this blog.

Some would say Too Late.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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