Friday, January 18, 2013

Wishing I Could Write In My Sleep...

Don't worry about what people are going to think about you. Just write what you want to write.
-Jackie Collins, author

So here I am. At work. Tired as frak.

I'm eating reheated chicken enchilada leftovers with a bottle of chocolate coconut water to drink.

I came in at 10am, am currently on lunch, and will be getting off work at 7pm. From here I will be heading to Jim G and Leah G's for kitty care while they are gone as well as phone back up instructions (since I usually back my phone up at their place since I don't have a computer that can do that, and I haven't backed my phone up in a LONG TIME). They leave for Texas tomorrow morning so my tempoary kitty guardianship starts that evening. I'll most likely be a zombie by the time they get back Tuesday night, but oh well.

Wait. Aren't I a zombie already? (Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!!!)

No story blogs to update here kiddies (sorry) though I did write a little in my notebook on another story that's been swimming in my head.

Ahhh, me and Christian Kane.

No it's not fanfiction.

Let me explain. (And pardon me if I repeat myself from previous posts.)

First off, all of my writing is based off of me and my life... whether it be something that happened to me or that I witnessed or my favorite fruit or the fact that I have curly hair...

You get the idea.

When creating characters for my stories, I usually imagine people that I know - such as actors, singers, etc. - that fit the description I've thought up in my head. For some reason, I remember what they look like better if they look like Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall or Angelina Jolie from Salt. The story plays out like a movie in my head with these people as the characters, but even though they may look like celebrities, in my mind they're the character I've dubbed them for the duration of the story.

Most of my stories (if not all) feature a strong female lead, and since my stories are based off of me... I mentally cast myself in that role. My brain just defaults to me as the lead chic. But hey... writers write characters that they want to play and stories/movies they want to be in so... yeah.

So the bit that I wrote more of last night was a spy kind of thing with me as the lead chic and the male lead I made Christian Kane. It was the aftermath of a fight scene. It obviously needs a little work, but the general idea is there. Also need to decide on a first name for the chic. I got a last name. The first name is still eluding me.

Aside from Christian Kane, some of my other male leads are Zachary Levi, Matt Passmore, Joe Mangianello, Mark Dacascos and Hugh Jackman. I'm toying around with something involving John Gallagher, Jr... but nothing solid yet.

How do you write and keep track of your characters?

Damn I'm tired. And I know that my powerloss isn't helping, but then there's all this stuff that I want to do tomorrow which really isn't much, but seeing as my time for errands is rather limited... I"m just trying to figure out how to have enough time for everything.

I need to go shopping for clothes tomorrow. Not selfish shopping. More like I need a comfortable pair of sneakers and some new jeans. A couple bras, some socks and some new panties wouldn't hurt either. Hell, while I'm at it, a few sweaters and camisoles wouldn't hurt either. Hope to hit the outlet mall before taking care of the kitties and enjoying the silence. Also want to hit the meadery with Jon S again, but I think the place closes at 6pm, and I want to give myself enough time to shop before having to take care of the kitties so I'm either going and leaving early or not going at all.

*grumbles about possibly missing meadery time*

I've got about two more hours before I can leave and then have a whole day to myself.


I'll check all y'all later sweetie pies. Wishing everyone an amazing weekend!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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