Friday, January 25, 2013

Ready For a Nap, But I'll Settle For A Novel

What's next?
-President Josiah Bartlet from the series "The West Wing"
My stomach is having issues, and it's not making me happy.

In other news, I'm okay, I guess. On my lunch break at work (Surprise! Surprise!), and I'm sitting here at the computer with a chocolate donut from Psycho Donuts for food. (Left my lunch at home and didn't feel like ordering anything from here or driving out to get something. Besides, with the way my tummy is feeling, I'll most likely be eating very little today.) The donut goes along with the Burger King tater tot things that my co-worker gave me. She ate about half and didn't want to waste the rest so she asked if I wanted them. And you know me and carbs... so of course I said yes. But don't worry. I paced myself just in case my tummy decided to object with an upchuck.

On the writing front, no... haven't updated any story blogs recently. But I have been writing in my notebook. A little bit about some random thing I started a couple days ago, but mostly this other thing - an story idea I've had for a while now. Just writing out some scenes, but even though I haven't updated my story blogs in some-odd-numbered days, at least I'm writing, so I feel happy about that.

The general overall depressive bummed-out-ness I've been feeling is still there, but isn't so strong... at least not at the moment. Right now I'm just tired. Sleep has been rather poopy as of late. I bought some of that ZzzQuil stuff that's supposed to help you sleep. You're supposed to take a full shot before bed which I've done a few times (except the nights where it didn't look like I was going to much sleep - then I took a half shot). The nights I tried it, I was already tired, but when I woke up, I felt better if not still a little groggy. The nights (like last night) when I didn't take it, litlte things kept periodically waking me up.

Any my cat? Frak me! She's whining at the wall for frak's sake. I heard her this morning. She jumped off the bed, a few moments later started to whine like she was lost, then I heard her nibbling on some kibble and drinking some water, then she went back to whining. At one point, she jumped up on the bed and crawled behind me. Just as I was about to pass back out, I heard her start to whine again. I rolled over to find her staring at the corner wall my bed is tucked into. Either she's going kitty-cray-cray or it's one of those weird scifi moments where only children and animals can sense weird ghosty demon things that regular humans can't.

Maybe I should slip her some of the ZzzQuil. Sheesh!

The LEVERAGE fanfic has been dancing around in my brain. In a way, it makes me happy and distracts me from the show being gone. I still hold out that the show (like CHUCK) will find a life elsewhere, but we shall see. Either way, I still have my fanfic daydreams that will never go off the air.

Okay. Just finished the donut. And now I'm debating on the granola bars I have in my purse.

Hmmm, perhaps now I shall share some humurous anecdotes from last night while at the office?

BC: Okay, I'm out of here.
Me: Hey, you a Niners fan?
BC: I'm not a sports fan of any kind, really.
Me: Me neither. But I was scanning through my Facebook page and saw this. (shows Instagram pic of a Niners cheerleader) I used to take hip-hop classes from her. And now she's a Niners cheerleader.
BC: Really?
Me: Yeah. She's super sweet and silly, but I will admit that she was a little distracting. I mean, look at her.

BC: Maybe she'll come back and teach in the off season.
Me: I think she moved to SoCal. (looks back at pic) She's the kind of person that makes you feel ugly just standing near her. It's like Don't look at me. I'm a troll! (BC laughs) I used to joke about my plans, like how I had wanted to workout, get fit, etc. Then I'd see some hot chic walk past me and my friends, and I'd see how everyone would watch her go by, and I'd say, "I have a new goal in life." My friends would say, "What's that?" And I'd say, "My goal is to be as hot as that chic and then stand in public places and let me people look at me."
BC: (laughs) After a while, you'd get kinda sick of that attention.
Me: Maybe, but right now? I could use some of that right about now. Then maybe after a while...
BC: You'd be putting on a baseball cap and sunglasses.
ME: Yeah. (mimes being stalked by photographers and journalists) Damn you paparazzi. I need some ME time.

Yeah. That happened.

Oh! So Jim G and Leah G were going to watch Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters last night after work. OMFG!!! It was fantastic! No, it's no On Golden Pond or some Oscar worthy shit, but oh... it was so fun. I loved it! It was like a storybook version of Ninja Assassin.

Last night one of my co-workers who was off at 8pm said she was going to see Mama (which I also want to see). So I asked her earlier today how the movie was, and she said she didn't see it, but she was going to try again tonight maybe. Then I mentioned that I made it to the movies last night and saw Hansel and Gretel. Of course I was asked how it was, and I immediately got all kinds of giggly.

Me: *squee-giggle-squee-giggle*
JC: But it looks so bad.
Me: But it was SO good!!! -- Anyone that knows me knows I love me some bloddy gore and violence... like in samurai movies or Kill Bill, that kind of thing. And there was so much of it in this movie. Oh it made me so happy. (turns to JC) And there was this troll named Edward- (JC laughs) -I want one SO MUCH!!! He's fantastic! He grabbed a guy a popped his head off. My friend Jim G said, "He bunny foo-foo'd him."

I was still giggling walking back to my car. *grin*

Okay. Lunch is almost over so I think I'll sign off on this post for now. Maybe I'll actually write some tonight. Or this weekend. Who knows? Maybe I'll just go home tonight, take some ZzzQuil and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP...

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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