Friday, January 4, 2013

Seeking Zen, Energy, Money & More Words

I saw this tree. But it was a dragon. Then it was a tree again. It just lied to me.  
-Charlie (tripping on acid, to Sam) from the movie "The Perks of Being A Wallflower"

It's Friday, and I have the next three days off. A friend of mine invited me to join him at our friend's bar, but seeing as I'm broke, I politely declined. I also have a blog post to write so... yeah, priorities, right?

But as I sit here in comfy clothes relaxing to my iPhone playing music via my iHeartRadio app, I find myself losing the energy to do an actual post justice.

So before I pass out, let me do this update thing before babbling on like I do.
Impressive, eh? Winding down more and more on those pesky December 2012 updates. I might just be catching up with myself. How about that?

And now here I sit in my room trying to gather up the energy to do some writing. I started something at work that I wasn't able to finish since I had to move to a different computer at the end of the night, and the machine decided to run slower than a snail with a limp and poor sense of direction. I'll finish it tonight... or tomorrow?

I have the next three days off. I'd rather be out of town visiting my family, but since money's tight, I have to stay in town. Sometime this weekend (I think by Monday?) I need to hit the library to turn some stuff in. Before that, I need to finish one of the books that I checked out that's due. I've been trying to finish this book FOREVER, but the book's always been on reserve... and then I'm tired or working or writing... ugh!

There need to be more hours in the day!

And I need more energy for those hours in the day!

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fit two things into my Saturday.

I haven't been able to make it to the meadery recently due to working or being away for the holidays. So I asked my friend Jon S (who usually asks me if I want to go) if he was planning on hitting the meadery this Saturday. He said he hadn't really thought about it but was up for it. Mentioned to him how my funds were low so if he could pick me up, that's be great.

Later I saw my friend posted she wanted to see Les Mis, but her husband didn't so she was looking for people to go. I had expressed an interest, saying I had plans but was available Sunday. Everyone is more available Saturday. In talking it over with Jon S, he had planned on getting me around 2pm so I had the bright idea of possibly getting a ride (if possible) from the theatre to the meadery (since the meadery is down the street from the theatre). So far that looks like the plan which is cool cuz now I get to see Leah G, Scheherazade and Jon as well as peeps at the meadery. Leah G's friend Laura K might come, too. I've met her and her husband a couple times but haven't chatted much.

Would you look at that? It's almost midnight. I think I might try and write some, but first I need to post this cuz of that whole MWF vow and all that. Sorry this post is rather boring and almost a cheater post of sorts since it fulfills my goal of writing three times a week, but the post is a bit of a babble and is just... weak, for lack of a better word.

I'll try and do better Monday. I promise. Scouts Honor!

Wishing all you fantabulous people a wonderful weekend. xoxoxo

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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