Monday, January 21, 2013

To Sleep, Perchance to Write?

It's true, we're all a little insane.
-from the song "Sweet Sacrifice" by Evanescence

Just started my lunch so I thought I'd take advantage of this time to update y'all on the ONE story blog update I've been able to accomplish since... last... well... (looks at past entries)... January 12th.

Dear gawd, I suck.

Oh well, here we go with my silly little update portion of this post.
And now I bow, curtsey, high-five everyone, jump up for joy... and then go find a giant cocktail to hibernate in for a while.


I'm pretty sure my powerloss and insomnia have joined forces to kill what little sanity I have (which really wasn't that much to begin with). I'm taking care of my friends' cats while they're out of town, and after going over the schedule in my head, I thought it'd be fine... perhaps a little taxing, but fine. 

I was off last Saturday - that evening being my first shift - and I skipped out on going to the meadery since I had some things I needed to take care of before taking care of the kitties. I am in desperate need of clothes, but all I managed to find were a pair of sneakers that are nice and comfy on my big-ass feet. Then I went to my usual haunts for jeans and found none that I liked or that were in my size or that fit me comfortably. (My next day off - which is tomorrow - I need to broaden my search.)

I went to the condo to feed the kitties before I trekked out to a birthday party (where it was requested I bring some vanilla ice cream). I went to Rite-Aid and brought Thrifty Ice Cream. (Oh yeah. You heard me. Holla to my childhood! Woot!) People were karaoking with the Wii-U and then later some of us played a board game called Legacy... at least that's what I think it was called. It's a card/boardgame. Pretty fun. I killed Loki once so that was my shining moment of the evening.

At the end of the night (birthday boy Jon M had to work early the next day), I walked back to my car and thought about going home, but then I found myself heading back to the condo. There I zoned out in the peace and quiet, flipping through various shows, and drinking tea. I had a headache for a while, but then it went away when I laid down. Didn't sleep. Just chilled on the couch. Then I thought I'd do some writing and sat down at one of the computers in the office.

The later it got, I just figured I'd stay there until it was time to feed the kitties again (which was at the most a couple hours). Originally I had thought to take a nap, but I never got around to it. Didn't get much writing done either, sad to say.

By the time I made it back home Sunday morning, I didn't really have enough time to get any quality sleep. I changed into some jammies, and don't remember much after my head hit the pillow. My alarm went off, and I think I got three hours of "dead to the world" sleep. I showered, dressed, and drove to work... which was a DELIGHT, let me tell you.

Part of my job is to call the customer to confirm that they IN FACT placed the order (you know, since we live in this day and age of hackers and frauds, etc.), and so this restaurant close to the office called and asked me if I had any orders for a particular customer. I checked EVERYWHERE. Nothing. I checked the history and said the last order by the customer placed with them was over a week ago. The guy was surprised, thanked me for my help and hung up.

About 15 minutes later, I see an order for the customer. I called to speak to the guy, got his wife (who was such a gem... yeah, sarcasm).

Her: (non-plussed) Hello.
Me: Hi, this is Rae with (insert company name here). May I speak to [John Smith].
Her: He's not here.
Me: (making a guess from the conversation I had with the restaurant earlier) Are you his wife?
Her: Yes. My name is CUNTFACE. (<=== yes, I'm taking artistic license)
Me: Hello, CuntFace. I'm just calling to confirm that you placed an order with (insert restaurant name here)
Her: (cutting me off toward the end) Yeah. I had to place the order a third time since you lost the other two.
Me: The restaurant had called us earlier and asked if we had any orders from you, and at the time we didn't until now. I do apologize for the-.
Her: (rather snarky and full of herself) Yeah well, if we get billed more than once, guess who's eating the food or paying for it.
Me: (moving on) I have your delivery address as-.
Her: (cutting me off again) Yes, yes. We've lived here for years and have placed orders with you for a long time.
Me: When you place an order, we call you to confirm the order and that the information is correct. If you would prefer to just receive email confirmations in-.
Her: (cutting me off again) I don't want you to call us or email us. I just want you to do your job.
Me: (secretly wishing I could choke her through the phone) We need to confirm with you one way or another, ma'am. 
Her: (exasperated sigh) Fine. Email.
Me: Thank you, ma'am. I'll make a note of it.
Her: (hangs up on me)

As you can imagine, that kind of behaviour left me a LITTLE grumbly. And Restaurant Guy didn't make it any better.

We were short on drivers that night and apparently this particular restaurant was getting on our ass about this customer so our head of dispatch last night had to do the order herself, leaving me the radios in case the other drivers called in.

THEN the restaurant called back asking if our driver was on their way to the restaurant for CuntFace's order. I said, "Yes, she left a couple minutes ago." Then I added, "I spoke to the wife earlier. She was really rude." Restaurant Guy could give a frak. He just said, "So the driver's on his way?" I said, "Yes, the driver is on HER way." 

And that was that.

Out of curiosity, I checked her account and saw that she had one order with the restaurant in her OPEN CART (meaning SHE DIDN'T CHECK IT OUT TO SEND IT TO US). The only other order was the one dispatch left to pickup and deliver.

So my brilliant deduction, dear Watson, is that CuntFace is full of shit. There was only one order previously placed, and if her and her husband have been doing this FOREVER, then she should have known how to checkout her frakkin order. (It's not that hard. Place your order, hit check-out, the next screen is all the delivery/payment information for review/edit, hit confirm, delivery/payment information again for review, hit confirm... TA-DA! You're done.

Dear CuntFace: Don't get all up in my grill because YOU obviously frakked up. You can take yourself, your husband and your attitude and choke on it! No Love... me

I ended up not leaving the office until sometime after 10pm (close to 10:30pm, I think) because I was told to wait for a driver who had money to drop off. Then I was also waiting on the last driver while the driver I was waiting for arrived and needed help with his paperwork. I counted his money and signed for it. Then locked up and headed to the kitties. 

There was a growler of Black Cherry Cider from the meadery Jim G and Leah G said that I was more than welcome to. There was only enough for two mugs full, but it made me feel better. I also scarfed down some pizza while surfing cable. Watched some movie bits, some LEVERAGE reruns... and then eventually went home when I was calmed down enough.

Set my alarm for 8:45am today so I could get up, shower and get ready for work with enough time to feed the kitties in the morning then gas up my car before heading into work. (I made it with 10-15min to spare.) 

While at the Safeway gas station, I got a 24oz coffee which is NOT helping. (It's times like these that I wish I wasn't so immune to the regular effects of caffeine and sedatives. Coffee just tastes good, but for that extra kick? Yeah. No dice.)

So here I am at the end of my lunch still tired as FRAK with four more hours to go. Yay me! Coffee is gone. Breakfast snacks gone. Eyelids drooping. Ready to collapse. After work, I'll be heading to the kitties again. I think I'll be too tired to go to this wine shindig my friends are having... which starts before I even get out of work. I think it'll be too late to drop by and say hi. Another friend has a hockey game tonight but I have no idea what time it is, but if my energy level is still this low later on, then I'll probably just head on home after the kitties.

I have the day off tomorrow. It's also the last day I take care of the kitties. I pick up their Mommy and Daddy at the airport around noon. After that, I might try and go shopping for some jeans and things.


And maybe I'll write a best-selling novel in the span of one night... just like Nick and his zombie novel from "New Girl". (LOL! Yeah, right.)

Time to go clock back in.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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