Friday, December 28, 2012

Hoping the Writer-Mojo Continues

To be a good writer you need to be the work and dedicate yourself.
-Christos Tsiolkas

Here I am. It's me again. Back for a Friday installment of... well... ME! *awesome pose*

And I am proud to report that I have written stuff! *proud accomplished happy dancing*

Now, now... it isn't much, but at least it's something, and I'm happy I got some writing done. So, without further ado, here is an actual DECEMBER UPDATE!!!

Awww yeah! Look at that. FIVE updates. I'm high-fiving myself for my little accomplishment.

In other news, I'm back at work. Closing again... like I did last night. Woo hoo! The new schedule came out last night, and I am closing A LOT!!! My lead (Kassandra R) who does the schedule had mentioned that since people are starting school, the schedule will pretty much be like it is now until (I'm assuming) the end of the semester. She apologized for having me close so much, but she tried making it up with a few shifts that got me out an hour or so earlier than closing... which is fine, but I'm still closing every Thursday which means I am never going to make another Dusty's World again. (cry-sob-whimper)

Well, I'm working, right?

Oh, so the other night when I was working, I went back to dispatch to update them on something I thought was too long to talk about via instant messenger, and the lady that works back there (Leddy M) grabbed her keys and told me to come with her. I followed her out to her car where she opened the back and handed me a present. It was after Christmas, but she said, "It's just a little something." We walked back in, and when I sat back down at my desk, I opened the present.

It was a giant clip. 

Now I don't have a picture to share with you since I didn't take one to add to this post (though I should have), but I'm going to try my best to describe it to you.

So when I got the present, the shape of it looked a little triangular - like a piece of cake cut from the round and then laid flat on its side. (I think that's a good image.) The clip is about the size of a door sign you'd hang on the knob like "Do Not Disturb" or something like that... so the sides are flat separated by a coil spring (like a hair clip) so when you pinch the ends, the "mouth" opens for you to clamp it on to something. (With me so far?) The top flat piece has the hole in it (which made me think of the door sign reference) - the other flat piece is solid. The insides of the "mouth" part have rectangular bits of foam on the inside as if to buffer or protect whatever the clip will be clamped on to.

And did I mention it's green? Yeah. Quite green. Not like radioactive green, but not hunter green either. Let's go with... Green Arrow/Green Lantern green? Yeah. I like that. We'll go with that.

A coworker (Monica D) was wondering what the frak I was giggling about, and I showed her what I got. She knew who it was from. She said she got make-up, which I thought was appropriate since she knows a lot about make-up and all that, but I kept looking at the clip thinking What the hell am I going to do with this?

I asked a friend (Aaron C) that passed by my desk what he thought it was and what I should use it for. He came up with a few different suggestions, but one that stuck out that I thought was rather clever was a cup holder. The idea was that I'd attach the clip to a flat service (like the desk) and use it to hold my cup. Now at the time I was drinking some TheraFlu in a styrofoam cup which fit perfectly in the whole of the clip, but I didn't think it was very sturdy. Still, even as odd of a gift it may have been, I was determined to find a good purpose for it.

Periodically I walked back to dispatch and of course I'd make chit-chat with the guys back there, and I had mentioned that I had no idea what to do with the clip. 

LM: Clip all your love letters together.
Me: Woman, do I look like I got any love letters? Please. You'd need a man for that.
LM: Write down all the nice things your friends say that make you smile.
Me: That sounds sweet... though a far cry from the love letters thing.
LM: Keep all the things that make you happy in it.
Me: I suppose I could do that.
LM: I like that idea. You could call it your Kudos Klip.

So yeah, I'm thinking of doing that, but then again, I just saw this thing on Facebook about a "kindness jar" which is essentially the same thing.

Description of the "Kindness Jar":

This January, why not start the year off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then on New Year's Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

Keep a kindness jar.

This is a beautiful way of tracking the goodness that happens throughout the year. Open it UP at the beginning of the New Year and reflect on some happy times in your life! I will tell you that I've done this for years and years - sometimes, I don't even wait until January... sometimes when I'm having 'one of those kind of days', I'll reach into the jar and read one of the slips of paper. Smiles...

Now I just need to find a jar.

But do you think the clip and jar ideas are the same thing? I want to do the jar thing (need to find an appropriate sized jar), but if it's too similar to the clip thing, what else can I use the clip for?

Got another coffee today while getting gas at the Safeway station. 24oz of my own concoction of half high voltage coffee, half peppermint hot chocolate... as well as cream and sugar. Yesterday it seemed to help, but I could be deluding myself. Oh well, we'll see.

Also found a dollar on the ground between my car and the pumps. Normally I ask the people around me, "Did you drop this?"... but there was no one around. I was having issues with the pump so I kept having to go back to the cashier for assistance, and every time I came back to my car, there was the dollar. So when I finally left, I picked it up and drove off. I shoved it in my ashtray for safekeeping. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe it'll bring me luck. Who knows? At this point, I'm open to anything. I'm just looking for better... WAY better.

*baby steps, gurrrl... baby steps*

So now I'm going to try and get my mojo working enough to do some more updates.

Wish me luck.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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