Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I Lack In Sleep...

Fade in on a girl
With a hunger for fame,
And a face and a name to remember...

-from the song "Let Me Be Your Star" from the television series "SMASH"

I REALLY need to get this posting thing in check. For goodness sake! Maybe I should do updates every... Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What do y'all think of that? (And by "y'all", I mean all my imaginary subscribers that I pretend read this blog or any of my stuff.) *grin*

The last time I posted it was my birthday... (counts on fingers)... which was a couple weeks ago. My birthday timeframe was nice. As much as I would love a huge friend and family bash to celebrate my hella old ass's continual aging process, it's not going to work out since my day is so close to that of the feast of pilgrims, Native Americans, and turkeys... and people are usually preoccupied with planning for the holiday to have any spare time to have birthday cake. Though I will give props to those that reached out to me and wanted to spend time with me on my blessed day (they know who they are). The best part of my day was when my niece called and sang me "happy birthday". (I love that little lovely to pieces.)

Turkey Day was faboo! I left work the Wednesday before the holiday (which was around 8pm), made a pit-stop at 7-Eleven for drinks and snacks, and then headed to the 'No (aka Fresno), spent all day Turkey Day, then headed home Friday during the day since I worked a few hours closing at work. I worked the next day closing. After my shift, I headed back to Fresno since a co-worker asked me to swap with her which left me with three days off. Spent a lot of my holiday/days off with my niece who is the bestest little creature EVER!!!

But enough bragging. On to updates.

Oh crap! How to update in this post...

Okay, I'm just going to review since I've been behind on my updates for various reasons, and at present, I still have November updates and have not started on anything for December. *headdesk*

So, to review and update at the same time, the past few months went a little like this (in alphabetical order)...
Wow. That LOOKS like a lot for the past three months, doesn't it? It doesn't FEEL like a lot though. 


There isn't that much left to report really. Just wish that I had more energy than I do so I can write more and read more and just... DO more.

Seeing my family over the holidays was fabulous. Hanging with my niece is a really great mood pickup. I could hug her for days!

Maybe if I could just bottle that up so when I'm not around her and get in a mood, I can bring myself instantly out of it. Like one of those 5 Hour Energy Drinks that's comprised of my niece's awesomesauceness!!!

I shall talk to you smoochy boochies later.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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