Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Home From the Holidays

Tara: What we imagine is always so much better than the reality.
Eliot: Like love?
-from the series LEVERAGE, The Zanzibar Marketplace Job (Season 2, Episode 12)

Dear TNT: 


Why must you upset ME by not renewing (I refuse to use the "c" word) LEVERAGE? I mean seriously! The show is awesome! What were you thinking? And having the last episode on Christmas? That's just so... wrong.

Change your FRAKKIN mind, dammit!

A nerdy fan

Now that I've got THAT out of my system... okay, maybe not.

YES, I'm still bummed/pissed about the whole thing, and I'll probably feel that way for a while cuz it's a good frakkin show, and I can't understand why TNT wouldn't renew it.

(grumble grumble - breaks random object - grumble grumble - stab random innocent bystander - grumble...)

And what is up with the five season mark? FIVE SEASONS!!! First CHUCK and EUREKA... now LEVERAGE?

Merry frakkin Christmas!

So here I sit at a computer... at work... wishing I was able to watch the series finale of LEVERAGE, but no... I'm at work. To make the time go by, I'm currently listening to Nerdist Podcasts (currently listening to the one with Wil Wheaton) while I nosh on leftovers my mother sent me home with (sweet and sour chicken and steamed white rice).

Yes... I drove straight from home to work. And why? Because I can.

I had a lovely holiday. Closed Saturday night, drove straight to Fresno from work, and had a lovely time. I hung out with my family, kicked my mother's ass at Scrabble by almost 100 points, spent some sweet time with my niece, and snuck in some cigar/beer time with my brother. Today we had an early Christmas so I could hand out presents and leave in time to get to work by 5pm. 

I have to say that my favorite present were a picture my mom and brother were behind. Seriously... I cried. It was a photoshop kind of thing that had to do with me and my niece in the pic... my brother said he's going to touch it up a bit since he's a bit of a perfectionist and then give me another copy, but really... I just loved it, and after I saw it, I had to hug my niece and give her tons of kisses.

Even now talking about it... I'm getting a little misty.

The other awesome gift was a little mouse on a clover sculpture that my niece wanted to give me really badly. As my sister-in-law put it, my niece saw this cute little statue and just knew I would love it and wanted to get it for me. It is so cute, and of course I love it... and getting it from her makes it that much more special.

Yeah, I'm gushing. I know. But I'm a proud Auntie, and I love her very much.

And now I'm at work and nothing much happened, but I found that it was difficult to listen to the podcast and write at the same time so I had to pause it in order to eventually finish this post and head on out. (I'm meeting friends Lon L and David T to see Django Unchained.

I suppose I should talk about writing of some sort. As it is this post is a day late, but then again... I have no internet access at my mom's place. If I did, I might have snuck in an update yesterday, but I didn't. And to write a post on my iPhone would have been a pain in the ass so I thought I'd save it for today... Christmas.

Tried writing a little at my mother's before bed, but these short little spurts of off-time I have from work leave me with little time to myself when visiting family. I'm usually chillin' with them... maybe fitting in some Seester-time with Margrit C. But yeah, I had a print out of my SANYA story to make notes on (like I did with KAI's story). Also had my notebook as well as my library copy of "Bullet" by Laurell K. Hamilton. (Dude, I am SO behind on my favorite author reading. Sheesh!) In any case, I read a little, and wrote even less. I jotted down some of my LEVERAGE fanfic on a Google doc, but dammit. It's all up in my noggin, and I keep seeing it being played out like the show... which is no longer a show... which... dammit...

Novels would be nice. Yeah. Lots of series have a novel following. Yeah. That might make me feel better... a bit. But then again, I always thought that would be awesome.

BUT I WANT MY SHOW BACK!!! *sob - sigh - grumble*

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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