Sunday, November 1, 2015

Letters to November

Dear November,

Today was a good day.

It started off a little late due to daylight savings and some much needed sleeping in. But I eventually got up and ran some errands.

All in all I felt awake and ready, accomplished and content.

And then on my drive home at the end of the day... you bring me rain!

At first it was a light sprinkle, but as I was up in my apartment, the next time I passed my window, the downpour had picked up speed and made me so happy. The sweet smell of rain mixed with the cool air... it was relaxing and ever-so-happymaking.

To the melody of the rain, I cooked, I indulged, and I smiled.

Thank you for a very wonderful first day. I look forward to many more like this one.

Have Goodness!

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