Monday, November 9, 2015

Letters to November ||| 9

Dear November,

I got so angry today. Ugh. I hate feeling that angry.

Mondays are my closing shift days. I work in Customer Service, and in my many years in this field, I have dealt with some prime examples of less than stellar monsters that breathe the same air as me and are a waste of space.

Case in point today - CT (using initials only since his name doesn't deserve to be repeated).

Now, this is a man who just comes out of the gate angry. He's been using our service for what he claims has been a couple months or so. In that time, he has only used our chat service to yell at us about anything and everything under the sun. I'm surprised he manages to keep it about work and not something that has nothing to do with us.

He complains about our fees. He complains about delays (even if we warn him in advance about them and are not our fault but the restaurant we're picking up from or if there's an accident on the freeway delaying the driver, etc, etc, etc). On chat, he became the equivalent of pranksters that "ding dong ditch." He's get on chat, and the beginning message would be something insulting and off-color. I mean, he's thrown almost every insult at us. And I think everyone in my department has dealt with him on chat before, (Once he tried to use one of our promotions that had expired, and the people that spoke with him on chat had repeatedly told him the reason why the code wasn't working was that it had expired, but he always insists he knows better and that we're wrong, yadda yadda yadda. The driver in question that was assigned his delivery is someone not to be messed with so when she arrived, he demands the discount from the expired code and shows her the code on his phone, etc. She sees that it says "invalid", denies the credit, but ends up delivering the food anyway. She later returned to base to say that the guy was a jerk and high as a kite.)

We have our problem customers, but they aren't constantly problem customers, and we fix the issue and make things right. With CT however - there is NO pleasing him.

Last week a man called in, and I ended up taking the call. It didn't take long for the man to get jerky with me, and it ended up being CT. Now the fact that he was actually CALLING IN was surprising, but I helped him nonetheless. His issue that night was that he wanted to place an order with a restaurant he couldn't get food from (I believe) because they were already closed. Since we have no control over the hours any of our restaurants decide to keep, he decides to insult me over the phone, etc, but then eventually he hangs up, and that's the last I hear from him.

Then he calls tonight.

I'm closing with two ladies who get to leave at 9pm whereas I have to stay until the last delivery is done. Toward the end of the shift, CT calls in. He proceeds to complain about fees, etc, and even though I explain things to him, he again proceeds to insult my intelligence and don't know what I'm talking about. There was one instance where we talking about delivery fees, and he said that every time he had ordered, it's always been less that what he was being charged (a matter of a few dollars). I always compare it to lunch and dinner rushes when dining at a restaurant. Our standard fee applies during those busy times, but at lesser busy times, the fees are less. He tells me I'm wrong, and that he's been ordering from us for the past two months, and it's always been the lesser amount. I push back (politely) and tell him that I've been with the company for the past several years and that the fee has always been the higher amount.

More insults, some swearing.

He then comments that he thought he'd give us a second chance, and that's when I venture in and let him know that our department has spoken with him many times, and each time he has been unhappy for one reason or another... so I asked why he continued to use our service if he was continually unhappy. Again, I was wrong. He didn't answer the question and just insulted me and demanded food. In trying to help him place an order, he got REALLY bad, and I told him (as we all have at one point or another with a customer) that I was trying to help him the best I could, but if he was going to continue speaking that way to me, I was going to end the call. He came back with some point (which was completely invalid since he insulted my intelligence), and then I told him I didn't appreciate the way he was speaking to me, but before I could end the call, he said, "Can I just ask you one question?" So I let him. (At this point, the girls are watching me, the night dispatcher has come up to watch me, and a couple other co-workers are watching me.) He reviews the order that I have up on my screen as well, and he asks if I thought all of that was acceptable (in regards to charges, etc).

Now to be fair, yeah, it can get pricey, but you're paying for anything to be delivered to your doorstep. You're not just paying for the thing - you're paying the tax and shipping/handling fees.

So I told him - Yes, I did think it was acceptable.

The first few words he replied with insulted my intelligence and me as a person so I said "Good night, sir," and hung up while he was talking.

That's when he went back to chat. I told the girls to not deal with him. He was just going to be rude and swear and there was helping him. One of them took the chat, and the first line he'd typed was something offensive. My co-worker tried to talk to him, but it didn't help, and he just kept hurling insults. I told her to just log out of chat. And she did. And he kept coming back. I said if he popped up again, just log out of the chat. I took the last chat since no one else did, saw that it was him, and ended the chat without a word.

I was livid. Took what felt like FOREVER to calm down - I was THAT mad.

Two things I REALLY hate are a false sense of entitlement and unnecessary anger - both of which I've gotten A LOT of in my time in Customer Service (and in life), but this guy was taking it above and beyond. I took the initiative and blocked his accounts. (We can do that for fraudulent activity but not because we don't like someone. We have talked about how this guy is just mean, and we didn't want to deal with him anymore, but nothing was ever done about it.)

This time I emailed my manager about him linking his accounts AND the chat that showed how he spoke with us.

Now if there's only a way to block his chats and phone number...

Bye Felicia!

Have Goodness!

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