Saturday, November 7, 2015

Letters to November ||| 7

Dear November,

Today was spent with a very dear friend.

This is a woman that has been there for me when I've needed her, and I try to be there for her as much in return.

This little blurb is just a little shout out to her. I will not say her name, but she is very special to me. I love the times we spend together. She is someone that I can be all colors of the emotional rainbow. She doesn't judge. We talk. We listen. We laugh. We cry.

We just are.

I just felt the need to say here that she is an amazing woman. Sometimes she doubts this, but there is so much evidence to support her awesomeness, that eventually the doubt will cease.

I appreciate and love her muchly. I've told her this before, but I just wanted to put that out in the universe so it surrounds her and she is forever touched with happiness.

Have Goodness!

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