Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letters to November ||| 3

Dear November,

Today was made of mostly win.

At work I achieved something that was taking me forever and thought would take a lot longer than it actually did.

I was given a task to update some weeks ago... but the person submitting the changes were sending them in bit by bit. At first they sent a huge document with update notes. Then they'd send in little screen shots here and there. In the end, the entire project - which normally can take up to two business weeks - ended up taking over a month. One ticket for the assignment turned into almost twenty.

To be honest, that project was not high on my priority list when the fifth, sixth and seventh tickets came in. There were things submitted that contradicted other documents submitted. They sent in a base document to work off of, but then kept resending new documents saying that was the one to use. I must have received four.

In the end, I did what I could during the day, had an hour of OT approved to work on the assignment, and finished right as my OT was up.

So yes... I feel accomplished today.

Now to go home, drink, and pass out.

Have Goodness!

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