Monday, September 2, 2013

Working and Not Writing...

Walk, don't run, to the nearest exit.
-Edward 'Ned' Seton from the movie "Holiday"

Happy Labor Day my fellow weirdos!

Guess where I am spending this lovely holiday? Yup! I'm at work. Well technically I just got ended my shift. Stayed a little overtime. Why? Cuz some production needed to be done per one of my Leads by tonight so it could be loaded tomorrow morning. I did as much as I could and then passed it off to my other Lead (who opens tomorrow) and hopefully he'll be able to tend to the little bits that I missed or couldn't figure out. I did about 90% or more of it. So yeah. All should be good.

In other news, writing is starting to slide a bit. I've been dabbling in my notebook again just before bed, and I have been passing out and then waking up wondering why the frak my feet are at the head of the bed and vice versa. (I wouldn't call them "blackouts"... more like "I'm so frakkin tired that as soon as I stop moving, I STOP MOVING".

If that makes sense.

I have tentative plans with Kathy W (who I worked with today). She fled to check in with her boyfriend Steve C since they had plans of an errands kind of thing to do today. Also this is the day where they usually head to Berkeley and spend time with other friends, but Tara is an understudy in a play, and last week Chris M brought his little munchkin (daughter Evie) and his Munchkin (the card game) to come over, be social, and play. Not sure what's going on this week. If they end up heading to Berkeley, I'll most likely treat myself to a movie or something.

Some of the drivers are trying to get a BBQ going at the moment. Last time this happened, I was the mid-day CS person so the food was pretty much already cooked and handed to me without me even asking. I hadn't known they had planned any of it, and I should say... it was mighty tasty. I'm to ping Kathy with an update to see where she's at.

There's not much left to report on the live of 'moi'. I went shopping after I went shopping with Jimbo and Leabo (laptop window shopping). I dropped Husband Zero and Wife #1 off at their place and headed to the mall where I actually found some nice things on clearance. I'm currently wearing this plain black cotton dress, and it's got POCKETS!!! (Yeah, I find that kinda neat, and I do enjoy the simple things.) Since all this was done at Kohl's, I have a pair of - wait for it - Jennifer Lopez jeans. HA! For some reason I think that's funny, but that's neither here nor there.

Random morning thought I've had lately: It's WAY too early for mascara.

I'm not that girly despite what some people may argue, but I do wear makeup since I don't like my face to be shiny, and I have a redness in my cheeks that I don't like either. So I make everything one tone and not shiny, and sometimes when I powder my face, I get some on my lashes and when I can't get all of it off, I put on mascara. I did it Saturday when I opened and this morning... both days I woke up at 5am to get ready and head to the office, and I distinctly remember thinking before I got on the freeway, "It is way too early for mascara."


Okay. I think I'm going to end this short but sweet bloggy blog. I'll catch y'all later. Hopefully I'll have written more by Wednesday. (fingerscrossed)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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