Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can I Haz A Nap Now, Please?

Jack Taylor: [curtly] My attitude is derived from your attitude.
Melanie: "Derived"? You must be a writer.
-from the movie "One Fine Day"

It's Wednesday... and I'm at work.

Yesterday was my day off, and it was chock-full (<=== how DO you SPELL that?) of lunch, cracking bones, shoes, disappointment, success, video games, friends, TV shows, junk food cravings and denied naps.

My day started off with lunch with friends. I was invited to join lunch with Jimbo and Leabo. They were lunching with a co-worker who I'd met on a couple of occasions and thought it'd be okay they +1'd me for lunch. I had an appointment at 3:20pm, so 1pm lunch seemed doable. We went to Islands. I went there once before in SoCal (where Jimbo & Leabo fell in love with the place). I had gone just the once with my brother, sister-in-law and their roommate Nate M. I liked the place well enough. Since then I guess the restaurant chain branched out and up. Our waiter was nice though he reminded me of Grumpy from "Once Upon A Time". There was a lot of talk about work, and I remained quiet eating my fries and sipping my raspberry iced tea. Lunch was done by 2pm giving me plenty of time to head out and see my pop doc.

My chiro appointment was at 3:20pm. I got there a little early which was fine since all that tea made me have to pee. While I waited, I looked through some magazines which were mostly health related in some fashion. There was this article that had to do with eating your food slower (since it takes about 15-20min for your stomach and brain to be on the same page in regards to when you're actually full). It was talking about more than chewing slower (which I had heard a long time ago that when you chew slower, you get fuller faster). But the article got more zen-ish about it. That you should savor your food, appreciate it more. It also mentioned distractions such as talking to other people while you eat or playing with your phone, etc, and how you're not really paying attention to your food.

Now I honestly have tried to do this over the years. I have tried to take my time, savor my food, etc, etc, but sometimes I can't help but be a little piggy. If eating with my mom (especially if she's cooked the meal), and she doesn't see her food disappearing off your plate fast enough, she will question her cooking or if something's wrong with you or bug you about why you're not eating (when in fact you ARE... just not at a level she would prefer). I've also been in social circumstances where I'm socializing with friends, and there's still food on my plate and someone essentially says "shut up and eat". I need to get into that mindset of just not rushing my food no matter what anyone else says. After my life dies down a bit (post-wedding, etc), I need to check on gym memberships. My only option really is 24 Hour Fitness since I work such odd hours. I'd love to take a cardio hip hop class, but those are usually earlier in the day (as are dance classes in general) so at least I'll be able to cruise on a treadmill while listening to some audiobooks. Or even some music... if I can ever get my mp3 player back.

Dr. Rob called me back to put me on the stim table. He asked how I was since he wasn't able to see me last week, and I told him I was okay. I told him how much pain I was in last week Monday and how I treated myself to a massage which helped. Then the pain came back so I treated myself to follow up massage a couple days later. But as of then (and now), I feel a lot better save a tiny bit of pinching in my lower left back,

Dr. Rob: How's your shin?
Me: Oh, you know... still contusion-y.

This time was different. Normally he adjusts my upper/mid back (if needed) and my lower back (which is ALWAYS needed). When adjusting my lower back, I usually have to lay on my side, but when he did that and then had me lay face down, he poked around and then asked me to turn on my other side and popped me again. So no lay flat. Just sides for my lower back. And I'm guessing since he didn't see me last week and after hearing how much pain/discomfort I was in, he decided to see me next week and then go back to every two weeks.

I headed back home stopping at the outlet mall in search of shoes for the wedding. Unable to find anything that I liked in my size (frakkin Sasquatch feet), I went to Dave & Buster's and played PacMan Death Match. I walked around first to see what they had since I hadn't been there in a while, and they took out practically ALL the joystick games (and the retro corner) and had lots of shooter games like "House of the Dead" or driving games like "The Need for Speed". I saw some new games out there... though a few of them were based off of smart phone games like Fruit Ninja and Temple Run. Other than that, my games were pretty much gone. The retro wall held Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Spaced Invaders and Asteroids. They still have the single machine that has a lot of old games like Joust, Robotron, Street Fighter... but the power was off. They didn't even have more recent games like Tekken anymore. (Sadness!!!)

Where have all my arcade games gone?

After leaving the mall, I thought about going to Target to grab underthings for the dress and anything that can make my midsection smaller than it actually is (*cough cough* HIPPO! *cough cough*). But then I remembered DSW so I went to this shopping center near the mall that had one... but that one either closed or moved so I had to go back to the one closer to my house where... I FOUND A FRAKKIN PAIR OF SHOES!!!

I found a couple pairs of black heels with the strap around the ankle that were my size and comfortable (and in the clearance section), but they showed my foot which meant I'd have to make time to get a pedicure (cuz honey, my feet look atrocious). I had intended on getting a boot-type heel and had settled on two at Payless that would work if I couldn't find anything else. But then I found a pair. (Yay me!) There were some really cute Dr. Scholl's shoes that were like Mary Janes in a patchwork type of style. They had them in brown and in black. They were also on clearance/sale, but they didn't fit quite right so I didn't get them.

I drooled over some of the boots but didn't buy any. (I'm not a shoe whore like the stereotypical girl. I do love boots, but if I can't justify the purchase, I won't buy them. Also, depending on the length of the boot, I'm usually not able to fit them over my calf since - sadly - my calves are the fittest thing about me.)

The rest of the night was spent eating chili cheese potato wedges and drinking a strawberry shake while I caught up on some shows at Jimbo and Leabo's place (who later went out to get themselves some dinner and brought me back two corn dogs).

Eventually I made it home and to bed.

Nothing too exciting happened today. Got here toward the end of the lunch rush. Answered phone, didn't go to a meeting since we're having some big group core meeting tomorrow. Didn't get around to a menu revision I was given (just prices), but I downloaded a copy of the menu I was supposed to be revise and saved it to my network folder. So yeah. I'll do that tomorrow when I get in.

So yeah. That's all that I've done since last we spoke. Well, I've thought of some story bits and ideas and contemplated NaNoWriMo again, but it's still not solid enough for me yet. I have to sit down with a pen and paper and see if I have enough notes/idea to make something work. I'm also needing that laptop to do my work on so...


And... (looks at clock)... it's almost time for me to get the frak out of dodge so I'll sign this bad boy off right now. And maybe - JUST MAYBE - I might have some ACTUAL writing to report in Friday's post.

Now onto more wedding attire crap.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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