Friday, September 6, 2013

Needing A Big Beer & a Long Nap

Jessica: Oh, I'm a terrible insomniac.
Helen: I'm so sorry. Since when?
Jessica: Um, I don't know, since birth.
-from the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein"

Happy Friday! Happy Friday Everyone!

That was my version of a Tiny Tim moment, minus the holidays and crutches.

In any case, I'm at work again. It's Friday. It's a little slow at the moment so I thought I'd try and play catch up while I can. I'm sitting in the corner at the lone PC left in our department. We converted to Macs a little while ago, and aside from where I'm at right now, our department is all kinds of AppleMac-y. The desk right around the corner from where I'm sitting is one of my leads, and she has a PC and a Mac that she can switch between, but the switcher that is connected to them really doesn't do shit. And every time I have sat at her desk, the systems act up, so I opt to sit here at the computer with two monitors and is slower than an elderly snail with a limp running through molasses.

The PC has a program on it that we do not have a Mac version for that we use in conjunction with our production stuff. They recently (can't remember if I mentioned this in a post or not) asked if I could help out with program stuff. It's overtime wherever I can fit it in. I've done it a few times as well as tried to fit it in during the day during slow moments. Yeah, I could have totally taken the overtime, but this was when I didn't have a car still, and the idea of working more and walking to public transpo and then walking home just to do it all over again the next day REALLY wasn't all that appealing to me.

As of this moment, I've done very little in the programming/production category. As it is, I've been in a mood all day, and I'm not sure why.

Today is a company wide meeting. Had to deal with Ben & Jerry's about a cake order. No one answering at the location. Manager not answering or returning the messages we left him. Today I managed to wrangle SOMETHING. (We order a cake to celebrate all the birthdays for the month. As it is, I had to get two. It was left to me, so if no one likes it, they can suck it!)

Today is also Brain Tacos Day with Kathy W.

In other non-writing related news, I'm working on my hydration levels due to my leg, health, and the fact that I can't stand waking up with a Charlie Horse in either one of my calves. Oh, how I hate that. So part of the issue is hydration. So I've been downing water and occasionally Gatorade type drinks to hydrate myself. I'm usually drinking water when I'm having drinks with friends, but now I'm even doing it when I have soda or anything other than water. Per a medical website I read an article on, it's not a definite science on how much water you need to drink, but per the article, it is suggested that women drink a little over two liters a day. I will get a bottle of Powerade or something which is usually a liter or so in size by itself and then I refill it during the day at work. The minimum goal is to drink down two bottles, but I try and aim for more. I could do without peeing every five minutes (or at least that's what it feels like), but hey.. the price to pay for no Charlie Horses, I will gladly pay in piss.

The same article suggested men drink three liters (I think). Not sure, but I know it's more than women. Perhaps it has to do with general body mass? I dunno.

Oh hey! I just remembered something having to do with writing.

Went to an electronics the other day and just wandered about -- browsing at laptops and other things -- then on the way to the front of the store, I walked past some mini recorders and stood there, staring.

Are any of my fellow writing peeps write by dictation? I've seen it in movies and TV shows where authors can talk out their scenes. I usually just type mine out, but I don't think I could talk/act mine out. I've tried listening to myself, and I get all weird in the head about it. Perhaps I'm just self-conscious, but oh well. Anyone use this method? Anyone have any success in it?

All right. I think that's all I have time for today. Hopefully I'll have more writing stuff next week. As it is after work today, I'm heading out of town to see some lovely crazy people known as FAMILY. First time taking my new (used) car out for a long distance spin. Let's see how it goes.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

PS... (NEWSFLASH!: Brains Taco Day was a little less than exciting. They were softer than the tongue ones we had last month and not as impressive. Next time, we're most likely going to try the tripe. Stay tuned!)

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