Monday, September 16, 2013

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Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, you should be smiling
A girl like you should never look so blue.
-from the song "Treasure" by Bruno Mars

Well hello Monday... you bastard.

I am currently sitting in the back corner where the PC is that has the program on it that I need to work on production type stuff. After training Matt H on Friday, during the lunch rush today, he seemed to knock a whole mess of stuff out of the park leaving me with not much else to do. After the rush had died down, I started on returned emails.

See, we have this automated system where we send out email reminders to our customers. Unfortunately, the companies we're contracted with don't let us know when someone has left the company so then we get all these emails bounced back to us since the messages keep sending even though the email address it's going to is inactive. So bossman wants us to (when we have the time, of course) go through the returned emails, look up the account it was sent to, change the settings (aka de-select the "please send me email reminders" etc), and then delete the emails pertaining to that one person.


From my joyous desk head plop, you can tell how much I enjoy this, but alas... I do it. Why? It's part of my job. Sure it makes me cross-eyed after a while, and I have to stop to rest my peepers, but it's really not all that bad. Tedious? Yes. But not that bad.

At the moment I'm eating a peanut chicken salad with peanut dressing. It isn't all that great, but it's food. I also got some white corn guacamole and chips as an appetizer. Still pretty healthy in my opinion. That'll be a snack for later.

So what has happened since last I spoke with y'all.

Had my work review on Wednesday. Been here a year, and it was all good in the hood. My little raise will be effective on my anniversary date.

Thursday powerloss started which made me grumpy. Had to go to the store to get stuff since all my supplies were at home. I also went with friends to watch Rifftrax version of Starship Troopers. That was fun. After that we went to a pub and ate a bit and then went home.

Friday after work, I found a dress to wear to my friends' wedding. (Huzzah!) Now I just need shoes. I found a couple pair at Payless that looked cute, but I'm going to check out a few other places and see what else is out there before I commit.

Saturday I woke up feeling like death warmed over (due to powerloss) as well as a terrible sinus migraine. Truly no bueno. Was asked to come to the bride-to-be's (Diana M) house early due to exploding penis cake (it was ejacutastic - Jess F makes the best cakes). There were pictures before dinner where I had yummy sushi. Then it was off to karaoke where Diana sang in Japanese. WTF? I had known that she liked anime and stuff, but wow. I sang a few songs. Jess wouldn't sing, but then I suggested that we duet on Careless Whisper since she plays a mean sax solo. The song was wrong, rearranged differently so I messed up the singing part but Jess was the star of that duet. Eventually we made it back to the house where we were all mostly tired and didn't bother drinking. I didn't have any dick cake. The head of the "penis" sat on a plate, the cream having long since dried and the outer shell of the crown had gotten hard (no pun intended). Being around it made me not hungry for cake. I headed home where I think I slept decently for a little bit and then prepped for work the next day.

Work was all right. Got a little nauseous and migrainey toward the second half of my shift, and I have no idea if it was random or due to powerloss. I'm betting the powerloss. Took a LOT of meds (I'm a medicator), and drank LOTS of water (I pee a lot). I got out of work on time. Tried paying my car insurance online but apparently when I got the insurance, they store the card info that you input and do an automatic debit from that card. I'd rather not, but oh well. I'll live with it. I have a car. That's all that matters to me.

Nothing much else happened to me. I went to Sprouts and got some lunch before heading to work yesterday. (They make yummy things.) I need more Good Belly. I bought some on my way to Fresno a couple weekends ago, and my mom likes it now. I wonder if my brother ever got the other container I left for him.

I've been writing in my mind... not so much on the page or anything. I've also been reading/listening to books. Recently finished "Frankenstein: Prodigal Son" by Dean Koontz (the reader sounds like John Tesh but isn't him) and "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins (gave that book to Tom G since he was interested in it). Presently listening to "Marry Poppins" in the car and reading "Vampire Academy" when not in the car. I have a goal to read all the young adult stuff that's coming out in movie form. Question is, The Last Apprentice series is what the movie Seventh Son is based off (I think it comes out next year, January some time). But which book? I read stuff in order. Part of my OCD. Ugh! It's based off a book that comes out in
December? WTF? Frak you internet!

I have a few months before the movie comes out so we'll see. There's that and "Divergent". And I'll have forever until I need to read "Mockingjay". (I really don't like the way they ended "Catching Fire". "The Hunger Games" ending was fine: cliffhangery with a sense of completed story. "Catching Fire"? That ending can suck a dick.

Okay. I really need to sign off on this post. I'm getting bibliogrumpy. LOL!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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