Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Babble (With A Little Bit of Writing)

I'm working on it...
Hello my lovelies!

It is Tuesday. I am bloated. I am tired. I would like to be in bed now sleeping... but I was overcome by an accidental nap when I got home from work (aka tired enough when you stop moving, and you just... stop). Thankfully, I was only out for a couple hours, but that was a couple hours longer than I would have liked. So here I sit, a little groggy and tired (partially from lack of sleep, the rest from powerloss).

Let's start with last we spoke... which was Thursday.

I'm almost done with the audiobook "Fairest" -- and man, if I didn't care for Levanna before? Her backstory makes me not like her even more. (And that's all I'm going to say about that.)

My weekend was pretty lazy and laid back which I liked a lot. I'm starting to get organized again - slowly but surely - which is quite happymaking for me. Friday when I got home from work I pretty much passed out. That, combined with powerloss, made not moving a blessed event. I passed out (I think I was sitting in bed reading), and when I woke up it was still dark but early. So I just passed back out. I got up early (around 10am or so due to all the sleep I got), and I texted Kim M to see if she wanted to hook up today. She and Miles G were going to be running about so she suggested Sunday.

So Saturday I pretty much stayed home all day which was odd. I was trying to get some writing organization done, and my goal was not to nap. I was trying to stay awake until "bedtime," and I did it! (Yay me!?)

I also got corkboard started with notes on a timeline for my book. I need to fill in some gaps to link sections together, but I got some semblance of organization started. And that was the goal for the weekends after all - to work on my book whether it be writing or outlining or whatever.

Again, yay me!

Sunday I ran a few errands before heading out to see Kim and Miles. When I finally got there - it was a bit of a challenge trying to find her house since interweb maps were playing games with me. (Thanks for telling me that I had to turn down a street but not telling me that it not only split in several different directions, but also that I had to cut across a few intersections.)

*grumbles at internet*

Had fun during my visit. Helped craft some, met the new kitty, got a tour of the new place (which is very cute). Reunited with her other kitty as well as her roomie that I knew from RennFaire back in the day.

Then I was headed home, and I think I was pretty tired by the time I got there a happy little lamb.

Monday I woke up remembering I missed Game of Thrones so I watched that while I had a brunchy smoothie. I worked on my timeline/outline a little more as well as tidied up around the apartment some. Balanced my checkbook, budgeted funds, set bills to be paid, planned on when I could visit my family...

And then as a treat for myself, I used one of my movie passes to watch XMen Apocalypse. I liked it... and also appreciated the teaser at the end for the next Wolverine movie. Wolverine, Psylocke and Nightcrawler are three of my favorite mutants so it was really cool seeing them all in the same movie. It felt like I didn't see Oscar Isaac enough though the scenes he was in were awesome. And dammit if I didn't want to hug the shit out of Magneto. And Angel... they never said his "new" name, but I thought Apocalypse made him into Archangel?

But I enjoyed the story and the movie overall. And I really liked how they explained Xavier's hair loss. (Also loved his suit and Mystique's suit at the end... oh yeah, and the "third movie" dig was pretty funny. Sounded like I was the one of the only few in the theatre that got it.)

No new Preacher this week... not until next week.

I dabbled with some writing before I went to bed... did some reading, too. Ended up hitting the sack pretty late, and today I felt it since powerloss wasn't holding any punches.

It's getting warmer out which is nice a bit. I hate the heat as much as the next person, but when I hear people complain about how hot it is outside, and then I go outside, and I'm not hot? There's gotta be something wrong. (Welcome to The Twilight Zone?)

Okay, I should really hit the hay now. The ibuprofen I took isn't helping much, and I need my beauty rest. Catch all y'all later.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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