Monday, May 16, 2016

Minor Accomplishments & A Bit Of Sneezing

Oh Ned, but it'd be lovely if I could...
I should be sleeping right now.

I really should.

Friday I got out of work at 5:30pm. Left work, grabbed some things from IKEA (most important item was my desk chair), came home, assembled the chair, and then proceeded to rearrange my apartment a bit to accommodate the desk and chair.

Saturday I actually got up before the afternoon started. My mother had sent me a package earlier in the week that I had to sign for, but I worked all week and would never be home to receive the package or get to the post office before they closed. The package was small but packed with a few blouses and a nice card. I waited until I got back home to open it, and thanked my mom. (She's so cute.) Then I balanced my checkbook (aka spreadsheet I made for myself), budgeted out bills, paid bills, then left to run errands which were groceries, etc, for my place. I also found a few recipes for some salads, etc, online that I got ingredients to try out.

While I was out, Kim M texted me to let me know that her and Miles G were down the street from my building. They were watching some bands play at an Irish pub I hadn't been to in years. But I had to get my adulting done - or at least most of it - before heading over to say hi. I made it back home, put away all the perishables, freshened up, and then headed to the pub. After that, I went  home and wasted time on the computer after making a snack before eventually passing out... a little close to sunrise.

Sunday started off as a lazy day though I knew I had to hit Whole Foods for some things. Also I had planned sometime during the weekend to pickup the TV from Jon S's place. And he also got a cute little kitty - Curi (he chose my suggested name, I'm honored). Grabbed coffee and grub from the Whole Foods, grabbed a Rockstar from a nearby 7-Eleven, and then headed over to Jon's. I met the kitty first. So cute! I wanted to pick her up and cuddle her, but she was still getting acclimated to her surroundings, so I just spent my initial time visiting with her. Then I grubbed on my nomnoms: basil chicken, thai coconut curry hoki, tofu (masala), kimchi brussel sprouts, miso cauliflower (which I think had some broccoli in there, too), and 3-4 small chunks of madras potatoes. I shared some with Jon which he thought was tasty. We visited for a bit, and then he helped me load the TV into my car, and I left - hitting the bookstore on the way home.

I carried the TV in all by myself. I'm so buff. A woman saw me walking into the building with it, and she had this "Holy crap!" look on her face. Yeah lady... you better run, else I'll pick you up like a flatscreen, too. (Doesn't sound like much of a threat, huh?)

And what did I do after the TV and I made it back to the apartment? I changed into my jammies... and washed dishes... and cleaned my stove top. Oh yeah, I'm experimenting with a drink from Pinterest, but instead of tea (the original recipe was for a Coconut Thai Iced Coffee) I'm using coffee (for a Coconut Thai Iced Coffee??? - if it all works out). We'll see how that goes. I'm always forgetting the water/coffee ration when using my French press. And when I Google'd it? *sigh* Why can't the internet agree with itself?

After that was all done, I updated my checkbook spreadsheet, made some notes of things to do, watched Game of Thrones (cried a bit as well as proclaimed my hate at a few of the characters -- they know who they are, the bastards), and now I really should be going to sleep before the sun...


Well, in any case, I really should hit the sack. Yes I work the closing shift, but I still need sleep, and now while everyone else is getting ready for work and making noise right along with the traffic, I shall be setting my pretty little head down on my pillow and hopefully having lovely little dreams. For some reason, I just felt the need to blog my weekend. Nothing super fancy happened. I mean I also played some games on my phone, texted with some people, listened to some audiobooks, updated my library checkouts...

Oh yeah, I'm a party animal... who was hit by a "I'm starting to feel more productive and organizationy" and wanted to say it in a blog? Woo hoo for accomplishments... no matter how minor they may be.

And now to bed.

(Bless me, I sneezed. I've been doing that a lot lately. Damn allergies.)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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