Sunday, May 22, 2016

Updates, Rants & Some Writing Goals

Quick personal update: I have been tired, congested, and sneezy. (No I'm not sick. My insomnia decided to make friends with my sinuses, and with the crazy weather, my allergies have been all over the place.) I need to find some allergy medicine that works for me (the last one I tried didn't since my body adjusted to it), and hopefully that will help with the sneezing fits.

I have also been re-experiencing charlie-horses again. (Woo hoo... sarcasm.) I usually experience these when I'm either first waking up or about to fall asleep. My body will want to stretch, and then one - or sometimes both - of my outer calves will tense up like a turtle retreating into its shell. The dumbest thing ever though was that I was at work when this happened. I usually take a lap around the building after lunch, but - I believe this happened Thursday - a co-worker (Billy D) was sitting in his car listening to some music, and I came by to listen and say hi. We got to chatting, and then I figured that I had spent the amount of time with him that it usually takes for my lap and headed back inside. And as soon as my ass touched down on my chair, my left calf got grumpy. I sat there trying my damndest not to swear (out loud), and I feel I did a pretty good job, but it HURT!!! And then when I thought it was over, I'd move, and it would act up again. I think I was out of commission for 10-15min. (SO NOT COOL!)

So a couple goals are to find allergy meds and up my potassium.

Other than that, I went to the library recently... on Thursday after work. The library near my house is lovely, but it doesn't carry a lot of the books that I want to read... meaning more of the next book in a series or the audio version. So I logged on to the website for the library by my old residence and my account was still active - YAY ME! - and I found lots of stuff that I wanted. I reserved some items and all save one were available immediately, so I trekked out there to pick them up.

I had meant to ONLY pick up a handful of items... and left with 19.

To make it short and sweet, when the "Fifty Shades" books came out, they were everywhere, but not just that series. Similar series would be on display near them. Seeing as I had read all the Fifty Shades books (which were all relatively quick reads), I thought I'd read some of the other similarly merchandised books. I read the first three books of the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day as well as the first of The Marked novels by her as well (as SJ Day) and then the first two books in the Beautiful series by Christina Lauren. So when I went to pick up the next in each of those series that I had reserved... and then since they were such quick reads, I went to look for the rest of each of the series... and then I remembered a list I had on my phone of other authors... so I went home with 19 books (4 of which were not 'adult sexy time' books - Day Shift by Charlaine Harris, a Sookie Stackhouse short story compilation by various authors, The Shining by Stephen King - which I was looking for in audio since Campbell Scott reads it, and I enjoyed him reading The Cell - and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie).

My Facebook book group is reading "The Magicians and Mrs. Quent" by Galen Beckett this month.

My work schedule changed this week since our Lead (Wes H) moved to a different department... which is part of the reason when I get home, I see my bed, I lay on my bed, and then I'm dead for the rest of the day.

Only to do it all over again the next day. (Seriously, the weekends are NOT long enough.)

And now, onto writing stuff...

I have had writing on the brain A LOT lately - like that I REALLY want to do it. I used to be able to write a little at work, but now that my lunch has changed from an hour to 30min (by choice so I get out earlier), I don't have enough time to focus in on anything. Also sitting at my cubical, people still try to talk to me even when I have my earbuds in.

On a random rant note - why is it that when it's obvious you can't hear someone that they try to talk to you? And when they try to get your attention, they whisper... and when you don't look up or turn around, they continue to whisper, sometimes even louder, but STILL whisper? I get that a lot, and it doesn't really irritate me as not make any sense to me. And how does that person look/sound to those that can hear them?

My job requires me to be on the phone A LOT, and my headset covers both ears. I had one friend come up while I was on a call and started to play with my headset behind me - like pull it away from my ear and try to stick their finger in my ear. Needless to say I was irritated and waved them off. Later I got the "I didn't know you were on the phone." Really? Why the frak would I wear this headset if I wasn't talking-to/calling someone. "You weren't saying anything." Because THEY were speaking, and I was LISTENING. (I can't believe I've had to say "Let's just assume that if my headset is on, I'm working.)

Another time an old co-worker of mine sat across from me, both of us facing in the same direction. I'm working, in the zone, completely unaware that this co-worker was trying to get my attention. I thought I had seen something out of the corner of my eye or heard something in the spaces between talking with customers but wasn't sure and kept working. Finally at the end of the call, I hear something and turn to see my co-worker WHISPER-SCREAMING my name. He had wanted to tell me something or ask me a question, and I asked him why he didn't just send me a chat message. He said he didn't want to disturb me. So calling out my name over and over with the same result - you know, the very definition of insanity - was better? I had to say 1. my headset covers both my ears so even if I'm not on a call, I can't really hear you. 2. Whispering louder is not going to change the outcome. and 3. Message me.

Recently one of the girls that sits behind me and to the right needed to get my attention. Again, I think I hear something but I'm on a call so I focus on that. Then a balled up Post-It sails over my head, hits my monitor, and lands  in front of my keyboard. I finish my call, turn around, and find the perpetrator. (I had to give her the same "1... 2... 3..." rundown.)

Okay, back to writing.

So yeah, work really isn't a conducive environment to do any writing. At our old office (we moved to a new office back in December 2015), it go to the point that even if I had my computer off, my lunch in front of me, and my earbuds in listening to an audiobook, people would still come up to me asking me for help. I would let them know I was on lunch, and they'd be like "Damn" and linger by my desk. I would inform them that there are several other people in the department that could help them, and still... they'd linger.

Once I went outside to my car to read, and someone bugged me at my car. "You on lunch?" No, I'm telecommuting from the parking lot. *headdesk*

Whatever happened to common sense?

Sorry. Rambling again.

Anyway, work just isn't a good place to be selfishly productive.

But now I have a desk... and a chair to go with the desk... so things are firing up in my noggin... and now it's a matter of time. I know, I know... you MAKE the time, But lately it seems like everything is happening, and I have to plot out what to go to, what not to go to, when to sleep, when to try and sleep. I mean... I passed out the other night when I got home from work. Literally. I made it to my bed, set my books on the bed, collapsed beside them, and managed to set my alarm before sleep clubbed me over the head and took me back to its cave.

Energy levels aside, I hope to work out some writing time in the future. Whenever I can fit it in during the week, but weekends will be designated to my current novel.

As for the week... I sort of have created a plan of sorts. I found a book of writing prompts (questions, really). My idea for blogging and to keep the writing juices flowing would be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday plan One set of those days will be just for blog entries, and the other set will be for answering questions from the book. I'm currently leaning toward MWF for questions and T/T for blogging, but we'll see how it goes.

Also I have a goal of writing one new thing a week on my "Everything At Least Once" blog. I have a few things lined up, but I'm still looking for new things to try... and it doesn't necessarily have to be food.

I just really want to get back onto some sort of schedule. I hate that work is the thing my body does automatically, and it wears me out so damn much, I have no time to do other things... like WRITE!!! (I mean, HELL, I'm surprised I see my friends or make it out to the grocery store.)


So yeah. That's it for now.

According to my laptop, the time is 5am, and I REALLY should get to bed. I have nothing planned for tomorrow other than catching up on Outlander and Orphan Black as well as watch Game of Thrones. But yeah, sleep sounds SOOO good right now.

Ohhh, and some good dreams, please. My usual dreams are weird-ish. (Last night I had a dream about a guy I used to like who when he broke off our friendship - LONG STORY though he did it on Facebook and when I commented how he didn't have the nuts to say it to my face in person, he said it wouldn't change anything... which was NOT the point I was trying to make - he swore that he owed me an in-person apology, and guess what... still waiting/not waiting for it. I only remember a part where I was sitting in the passenger side of an SUV type car talking to someone sitting behind me -- not sure where the driver was -- and he opens the rear passenger door behind the driver seat to check if we were all right. I remember wondering if he recognized or remembered thinking I was never going to see him again, and I was wearing a short skirt, a pretty top, knee high black boots and some kind of trench type coat with my hair up and makeup did... I think I looked hot. But I have NO FRAKKIN clue why my mind pulled him into my dream.)

Anyway, love yer faces. Off to bed with me.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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