Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Slightly Tired Update

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All I wanted to do when I got out of work was go home and sleep the frak out of the rest of the day, but I had a couple errands to run before a friend stopped by my place after she got out of work to help me out with a little something-something. (Shout out to Kim M.)

First errand was to head to the library to pick up my copy of Fairest by Marissa Meyer. So far I've listened to all of Meyer's books, and Rebecca Soler is one of my favorite audiobook performers. I'd asked my book group friends if I should read the series in order of story or order of book release. They told me to read Fairest before Winter, and I listened. Only 6 discs so it should be a quick listen since I love the series so much.

Getting to the library was a challenge. The one I went to was a little further away from my place but happened to be in the direction of my second errand so it was okay. There was a lot of freeway/traffic nonsense that made me want to pause time, walk up to certain drivers, snatch them out of their car for a great big whoopin' before returning to my car, and carrying on.

Why do people insist on riding the off ramp in efforts to get further down the freeway? A few times today I saw some asshat cut in front of me in the exit lane only to slow down before me to cut back into freeway traffic.

There was one dude that kept Pole Positioning his ass all over the place, and I held back feeling he was going to hurt himself soon with all his idiotic driving, and I had no desire to be part of the pile up.

When I was finally able to get off the freeway and take my side streets, I was a happy camper... until driving in front of the library before turning down its side street only to be reversed into a couple billion times. (Hello people at the curb! I'm already passing behind you. Please stop choosing that moment to reverse and almost hit me. Check your mirrors and your blindspots... or stay the frak home.)

Finally made it to the lot and found a decent parking space. Finished a quick email to work, and then off to the customer holds. And I was a good girl today. I didn't go upstairs. I didn't go to the children's section downstairs. I went to the holds wall, found my book... and yes, looked at the "new release" briefly as I passed them to a checkout terminal. I went to the one near the coffee bar kiosk, and there were a few teenage girls getting coffee and chatting. The first girl that got her coffee stood near me, and shortly thereafter the second one with her coffee stood on the other side of her friend. Grabbing my keychain library card, I heard the second girl ask the first, "Have you ever just been standing around, just standing around, and then BAM! - you're on the ground?" The first said yes, and then the second laughed airily and said, "Yeah, I do that often. Just out of nowhere. I can't do it today though since I'm wearing a skirt. It might rip."


Checked out my book and headed back to my car... only to pass a woman arguing with her son who sat in a kid's seat in the middle row by the sliding door. He was crying and saying no, and she said she didn't care. It sounded like he wanted to stay in the van, but she said he couldn't since it was hot in the van.

I have no idea what was going on.

The trek to my second errand was stressful since traffic sucked even more later in the day, but I managed, met some lovely ladies while shopping, got some gas in my car, and headed home. Kim showed up a little while later. She visited for a bit, helped me out with some stuff, and then I walked her to her car. When I got back to my apartment, I sort of vegged out... and I think I may experienced an accidental nap. (I stopped moving, staring out the window, and then... yeah... I think I dozed a bit?)

Now I'm sitting here writing this while eating a homemade watermelon feta salad with blueberries and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I had intended to see XMen Apocalypse after Kim left, but there was barely any energy before her visit and not a whole after. Maybe sometime this weekend? Along with some writing, maybe?

I need to sort through what I have written so far of my novel and then plot accordingly. Not sure what actual writing I'll get done this weekend, but at least I'll have worked on something pertaining to my novel.

And now to watch some Orphan Black before bed... and some light reading.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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