Monday, May 30, 2016

Q&A - Dear Diary

Write A Diary Entry Dated 10 Years in the Future
May 31st, 2026

Dear Diary,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Life's been really busy, but I thought I'd take a moment to jot down a quick update for you. So here it goes. And sorry if this go all over the place. There is no rhyme of reason (or order) to my madness. (Muwahahaha!)

For starters - my next book is pretty much done. It's in the final revision stage THANK GAWD! (I hate revising, but no pain - no gain, right?)

I did some voiceover work recently on a couple different projects. One was for something animated... which I can't talk about, and the other is for a video game... which I also can't talk about. (Legal stuff and whatnot.)

Went to a friends' anniversary party last night, and just after cake and ice cream, it was brought to my attention that Aidan and I have been together for almost five years. (Time flies, eh?) But seriously, it's weird since I don't really think about us in terms of time. We instantly hit it off when we first met, and then about a year after that we started dating, and I just feel like I've known him forever. But five years (six if you include the year we were just friends), that is pretty impressive.

Love, love, love that man.

What else? What else?

OH! My niece is graduating high school next month. SO EXCITED!!! Having watched her grow into the fine young woman that she has become makes me so happy. I'm the proudest Auntie in the world!

My brother has been prepping for his next film. He'll most likely start shooting after my niece is settled into her first year of college so he can have the summer with her. He and I also have been talking about collaborating on something again, but that'll have to wait until when we're both free. Meanwhile he and his wife are reviewing the script and checking out possible shooting location. I told him to poke me if needed help with anything, but he's a prideful sort of guy, and it's his baby - but the offer still stands.

Mom's FINALLY has a hobby. She's always been a great cook and baker, and only when I was first published did she start reading leisurely, but now she has taken up dancing. Her and some of her friends have started going to this Arthur Murray type of place, and she's learning some basic ballroom moves. I sat in on a few of her classes a couple times, and she's just so cute. She's also taken up needlepoint which I think is due to her neighbor's influence. She's pretty good. She made me a cute little decorative throw pillow with sunflowers on it.

Dad and his wife are still in the south. Haven't heard from them lately. I should call them soon. Maybe after I'm done with this entry.

Other than that, not a whole lot else has happened.

I've baked some - experimented with a bacon chocolate pecan pie. (PMS made me do it, and it was DELICIOUS!),

Made a nice pork roast the other night for dinner. (Aidan liked it, so I guess it was good.)

The last video game I played was Assassin's Creed: Virago. I was obsessed with that game. I know while working on it, they called it "Sisterhood" (which I thought was a good name since the third game was "Brotherhood," but they switched to Virago for the release. I had to Google it: a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities). Let's hear it for strong women!

I really liked that game and not just because I got to voice the lead character Faustine, either.

I think I've read every book in my house (which saddens me a little though since I've read everything, but makes me happy since I get to shop for new goodies).

And... yeah, that seems to be it for now. I won't bore you with meetings and all that. It's just been busy busy busy. Tonight will be the first day in a long time I get to go to bed and not have to set an alarm. To wake up naturally... on my own... with nowhere I have to be...


Until next time.

Have Goodness!

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