Monday, September 7, 2015

Well, THAT Was Completely Out of the Blue!

My friend Melody J's birthday party is coming up this Saturday, and I've been plotting on what to do about it. The theme is Alice in Wonderland, and I'm not very good at making costumes (I'm good at ideas, just not the making of clothing, crafting, all that sort of lot). I have the whole ALICE 'verse to choose from (Disney, video game, etc), and I could even be something "inspired by" the 'verse.

I'd finally decided on what I was going to be, and mentally conjured some strange version of how I would achieve that look. Jessie was helping me a bit, and I also have some treats I plan on bringing to said party. So we'll see how that goes. I still have some errand-y costume bits to do, and my hate is mostly done and setting at Jessie's house. (All hail the holy glue gun.)

I think - aside from work - I've been out of the house all weekend. I had the weekend plus the holiday off, and so I was taking that time to work on apartment and costume stuff. Today was meant to do what I wasn't able to do Saturday or Sunday. (Dear gawd, the mall nearly ate my soul on Sunday, and isn't Sunday supposed to be a holy day or something? Sheesh!)

But no, today was spent being lazy. I laid in bed practically all day - in and out of consciousness - powerloss kicking me in the gut while it was on its way out of my life for another month. (Seriously powerloss, why you gotta be such a bitch?!)

All day was spent lounging about reading, playing on my phone, working on my Facebook book group, planning work meals for the week, washing dishes, making mental lists for the birthday party... whilst also napping like a kitten with SO much to do. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

So earlier in the day I had made a list of all the books for my FB book group complete with synopses. Took a break from the interwebs until this evening, and then hopped back on my laptop to surf the web a bit before posting voting rounds, and when I got on FB, I saw that I had a friend request.

Now let me state for the record that most of my friend requests as of late are people that I do not know. I have locked down my FB to the point where you have to know me to search for me and then maybe I'll add you. But when I get a request from someone I either have no idea who they are, and they have no link up to me of "mutual friends," I wonder how the frak they found me and what the hell do they want.

Seriously - I just looked myself up in an incognito window (thanks Google), and there are several people with my name (first and last) but nowhere - NOWHERE - did I see my profile pic (which is of me) or anything resembling me. So how the frak do these random people find me?

Okay, that was a mini-rant. Sorry about that.

As I'm surfing the net before getting down to FB book group business, I see the friend request, and click on it. It's my friend John R from WAY back in the day. (I wrote about him back in January.) I was still living with Kim last time I saw him or spoke with him and that was back in the early
2000's maybe. So it's been about 15 years. Last I knew his family still lived in Fresno - where my family lives - but I have no idea if they still do. I've sent him Christmas cards, but then I sent a final one that pretty much saying I hope if this card finds him, he's happy. I sent the cards to his parents' address since I didn't have his address in Bakersfield.

When I clicked the link and saw his face, I was shocked. Here was a guy I had been close to for so lomg. and he helped me out in a time when I needed it most, and then radio silence for what felt like forever.

I'll be honest. I misted up a bit. I didn't full on cry, but I just kept staring at his pic not sure how to process what was happening.

In his pics and everything, he looks and sounds happy. I think he's also a dad. His little boy is adorable.

I'm happy to see he's still around, that he still exists, etc. Now I'm starting to get all worried that about us - that we're different and all that compared to before. And yes, I know that people change, etc, but I believe the core of the person you are is still the same.

Meh, we just became FB friends today. I'm not going to be me and dwell on it. It'll be fine. And if not, I have ice cream in freezer and beer in the fridge, so we're all good. Frak the 10lbs I've lost. (No not really. 10lbs... you can stay gone.)

Okay, I think it's time to sign off now. Catch all y'all later.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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