Friday, September 11, 2015

My Little Guardian Ghost Girl

Did someone say "naptime"?

What happens when you can't sleep? You start seeing and dreaming of a creepy little ghost girl in your apartment at night. (I imagine her to look more like Mary from Kingdom Hospital, but a Little Sister will do, too.) 

Yes, I like creepy kids. And yes, this is how my brain works.

Had a blog that was filled with random poems and short story bits, but I've taken it offline for a while. Not sure if I'll put it or any of my other story blogs back up for public consumption. In the meantime, I thought I'd post this little ditty here because - well - why not? I posted a little life something or other a few days ago, but my mind has been distracted with costumey/treats things for my friend's birthday party this weekend. But this imagery has been in my head for a while now, and instead of working on my novel during my lunch hour, this came out. (Surprise!) 

Just a little something I had to get out of my system. Not sure if it's going to go anywhere, but here it is for now. 

It is what it is. (And with that - goodnight!)

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

"My Little Guardian Ghost Girl"
*working title*
(wrote this while at work since I've been thinking about "her" for the past few days)
She had been tossing and turning all night, trying to find that sweet spot, hoping sleep would take her for a few hours and end her suffering. There was work on the horizon, and each time she opened her eyes to spy her phone, minutes turned to hours, and she grumbled in frustration.
Repeatedly she turned left then right, toward the window then back to the rest of her small studio apartment. In her bleary state, she found herself staring near the door at a faint shimmering of light. Even though logic told her it was the light from the fan in the bathroom shining into the foyer, something tugged at the back of her brain - a part of her thought she saw something there in the soft blue hue looking back at her - a small form starting to take shape.
Curiosity getting the better of her, she flashed the light off her cell phone at the door and saw nothing. Still as she fidgeted in bed, trying to find that sweet sleepy spot, she’d see that something by the door out of the corner of her eye. Logic yelled at her that it was nothing and demanded she stop looking for things that weren’t there, but the part of her that felt things rather than saw them would wait longer and longer, staring at the corner - at the faded figure of something. At times she thought she saw it come closer, start to cross the room toward her as if it were curious as well or perhaps just say hello. She’d flash her phone light in it’s direction to see, but nothing would be there. Eventually when that sweet slumbering bliss took her, the cloudy image in the corner faded from her thoughts
The light frightened her at first. Whenever the lady would flash it at her, she’d vanish, hiding from the brightness until the light was gone and it was safe to come back. Near the door, she hugged the wall, watching her. The lady was restless. She saw the lady try to relax, to sleep, but her body twisted and turned, the blankets being thrown off and pulled on again.
Occasionally the lady would stare at the door, and she wondered Does she see me? She had grown used to the light, it being a trick of the small device in her hand and nothing as scalding as the sun. When the light would appear, she would hide within it, no longer scared of it but taken by surprise that she couldn’t relax enough to remain present where she would be seen. The light came less frequently though the lady still stared. Her curiosity piqued as the lady’s had been, she found her interesting. A couple times she watched as the lady stumbled from bed for the bathroom - the pretty blue light from the ceiling fan would disappear, replaced by a soft pretty white one. She thought of it like the sun being filtered through a snowflake that didn’t melt. Minutes later there was a whoosh of water, the lady would flip the switch, and the white light was gone, replaced by the faint blue light again. She’d stare at it for a while before her attention was pulled back to the lady in the bed.
A few times she’d move closer, wary of the light the lady controlled but wanting a closer look. She took a couple steps at first, but the lady would look in her direction causing her to pause. Once she got halfway across the room before she saw the light and vanished. Then the lady was still, her back to the window, and for a brief moment, she thought again that the lady could see her. But her eyes blinked once… twice… and then closed.
Closer and closer still, she neared the bed, until she was standing beside it looking down at her, her breath so quiet she wondered if the lady was breathing at all but she caught sight of slight rise and fall of her left shoulder which set her mind at ease.
Her small hand reached out and touched her hair, pushing a strand of curls that fallen across her cheek behind her ear. She did this carefully since it took her a long time to get here, and she didn’t want to wake her.
She liked the lady. She could feel the kindness and warmth emanating from her generating from her heart and soul. She knew there were those that wanted the light within her, wanted to squelch it and take it for their very own, but she wouldn’t let that happen. She’d keep the lady safe… at any cost.

(The End...?)

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