Monday, September 28, 2015

A Small Break From Reality

"Don't wake me when I'm dreaming" by alijardine
I'm not sure how often I dream, but the number of times when I do dream, and I can recall any of it usually happens in chunks - like little rock blocks of subconscious mind wanderings.

I've been dreaming for the past few days (since late last week), and I've been remembering them after I wake up. (Had a weird one inspired by work.) They've all been weird for the most part... save the following one (which is the only one I remember the best and sense-ually - meaning I felt the dream, senses and feelings.)

The other day on one of my days off, I passed out and the only thing I could remember of it is that Luke Evans was in it, and we were snuggling. Well, that's the best way I can put it, really.

I was sitting on a bench or something, and he was laying on a stage/block/something so his head was over my left shoulder. He was dressed in a suit of some kind (I think), and he was clean shaved but his hair was shaggy on top though a little shaved underneath. He was lying face up, and for some reason I reached up with my left hand to touch his (right) cheek. I think my fingers barely grazed his face when I felt him grab my wrist, but he didn't move - he still looked asleep. I remember saying, "It's me" in a sort of quiet tone, maybe a soothing whisper, and he let me go. A moment later he rolled over to his left so he was facing me (still asleep). Then he moved closer and nestled his face into my neck at which point he seemed to relax. I reached up, this time since he moved my hand touched the back of his neck, and I gently stroked his scalp with my fingertips. I also recall leaning my head toward his. And I was happy.

There were some blurry bits later like we had traveled somewhere in a large group, and we were all talking about something trying to make plans and organize some project, and he kept looking at me the entire time, but all that is really fuzzy.

I just really like the snuggles and happy part. I remember how I sounded, how his hair felt, how his face felt on my neck, how my face felt snuggling back into his.

It wasn't a sexual dream in any way. It was one of friendship, and comfort. When he grabbed my hand, it was like he was being attacked and protecting himself, but when I told him it was me, he relaxed a bit though he didn't completely relax until he was closer to me. It was like "It's okay. I'm here."

The dream stuck with me when I woke up, but I eventually - due to "I have the day off" lazy factor - I fell back asleep for a little while longer. There was another dream, but I can't recall it now. I remembered it a little while after I woke up, but it's been a couple days, and it's faded. Some dreams stick around for a long time and some just nudge you after you wake up and say "remember me?" before doddling off somewhere.

I have a feeling I know what bit of my subconscious/life the dream was inspired by. Just not sure why it plucked out Luke Evans from the ether.

Still... snuggles, comfort and happy. All great things. All needed in obscenely grand supply.

It'd be great if I could have dreams like that all that time, especially now.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time I went to bed. I work in 7 hours and have yet to have slept. Hopefully that won't be a problem.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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