Monday, April 29, 2013

More Tired Babble Fail

The Lady Chablis: It's like my mom always said: "Two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it."
John Kelso: I'll have to remember that one.

-from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"

Well hello ladies and jellyspoons! It's Monday! And do you know what that means?

Absolutely nothing! aside from the fact that my last post was two weeks ago two weeks ago Monday. (Can we say EPIC FAIL?)

LOL! No really though. Nothing much has happened since last we spoke. Well, in the way of writing, I mean.

An old story from a few years ago was recently brought to my attention. Out of curiosity and nostalgia, I reread it and found grammar, etc, mistakes which I revised. Other than that, I have been dabbling in my notebook a little. Not a lot though I wrote out a blurb of a scene for the LEVERAGE fanfic that's in my head. I also mentally plotted out a few scenes from the Blood books/Blood Ties fanfic in my head. I dabbled with a scene from a story idea I've had for a while now. The overall story is still a bit foggy, but the interaction between a couple of the characters is fleshing out. The scene I played with would take place between halfway to three-quarters into the story.

I occasionally see flickers of stories/novels I was working on - empty rooms where the characters live or where scenes take place - but nothing sparking up again in the creativity department (and that saddens/depresses me).

I'm still in that lull since the car accident, and I want to get out of it. Before the commute with getting up early and all the walking was wearing on me. Tack onto that the stress of finding a damn car...


Just gotta have faith that it'll all work out in the end, right?

Just wish it'd work out sooner rather than "deargawditstakingforever" later.

Aside from work, my focus is drifting. Even writing this has been a challenge. And posting? Let's see if I remember to post this when I finish it.

I think I need to start meditating or something. I think perhaps being in a better state of zen will help (at least) with my writing. As it is, my sleep has been a little shoddy. With the dogs barking at every little thing or my cat being randomly needy or just me bolting awake (which is just me laying in bed and opening my eyes like WTF?!)

Right now I'm working on sitting upright at my desk snacking on lunch as well as daydreaming of a rolling pin that I could roll down my front and remove all my fat. (Yup. That's how my mind works.)

Landlady is behind on utilities again (meaning making copies of the bills for me so I can pay her my portion). She texted me asking if I could let her know what the last utilities I paid her were and when. Aside from rent, I pay her PG&E, water and garbage. Oh yeah, and I donate to the toilet paper fund every once in a while. I wrote the requested info on a post-it note and gave it to her.

Greg L and Kevan F were in town this weekend. Me, Steve C and Kathy W met them from brunch yesterday, then we went back to Kathy and Steve's place to hang out where we found Geoff T sitting in his jammies reading a book on the couch. He would have come out to play earlier, but I guess he wasn't feeling very well. We sat and talked, and then the boys left for Endgame in Oakland and then home to Sacramento. I chilled at the house and watched Les Mis with Kathy and Geoff. I think I napped some. After the movie, Kathy drove me to Jim and Leah's for Game of Thrones (after which Leah drove me home).

Yes my friends. I am sans automobile again.

One will be on loan to me as soon as its out of the shop from a quick fix up, but that most likely won't be until the end of the week. Today was my first day back on public transportation, and my goodness... I think I nodded off a little. But I finished another audiobook, so that's cool! (It's all about accomplishments... no matter how small.)

Work has been work. I finished my first menu and they're doing a test order on it today. So excited. Hope it all works out.

Thursday I will be watching some of an Iron Man Movie Marathon. For some reason I thought it was going to be on Friday, but it's a lead up to Iron Man 3. The third installation is showing at 9pm, and I checked with the theatre if I could just buy a ticket for that showing but the same theatre where Jim and Leah would be, but alas... it's a package deal so nope. (Pouty face.) I let my Dynamic Husband and Wife Duo know this, and they decided they would buy another package deal and that I would just reimburse for the movie I actually see. (I'm working 9a-6p that day.) They didn't have to do that, and I told them so, but they acted like it was no big deal, and now I get to see awesome nerdy movie joy with friends. Huzzah! And to add to the awesome, Wednesday after work, I'm heading to their house to pick up Leah's car so I can just meet them at the theatre Thursday night, and Jim thinks I might get a chance to see The Avengers again, too.

They're showing Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers and then IRON MAN 3!!!

A little snag in carless plans... I have a chiropractor appointment around 8am Friday and then an "appointment" at 8:30am. I asked Leah if it was possible to keep the car until after my appointment (she needs her car at noon). I'm pretty sure that'll work, and using her car will be the most convenient, so I'm hoping that works out in all our favors.

Oh my chiropractor. So... two weeks ago on Friday the tape he put on my leg was still good so we left it on. A few days later it started to peel so I took it off. Around this time, my leg decided to feel crappier than usual. It kinda started to feel like it did a week or so after the accident. My calf was getting tight, my knee was a little, and my ankle was none too pleased. When I got to his place last week, I was sort of limping (or really just favoring my right leg), so when he asked me how I had been, I let him know the tape came off and my leg didn't like me. I couldn't even sit Indian-style on my bed for very long (if at all) since my leg really didn't like that. He had me dangle my foot off the table and he poked and prodded it, and heard this "knock knock knock" sound when he moved my foot around. Then he held on, looked at me, asked if I was ready, and then adjusted my ankle.

Yeah, not something I'm too terribly happy about or would care to have repeated, but it did feel better than before.

I returned to the ibruprofen/elevation cocktail with ice. Last night at Jim and Leah's my leg was really grumpy. Jim gave me 800mg ibruprofen and strapped an ice pack to my shin. He offered to get me a foot stool, but I just stretched out on my usual loveseat spot while we watched Game of Thrones. He even handed me my dinner as well as gave me ice cream after. (My Fuzzy Lumpkin is so sweet.)

Submitted my NERDHQ volunteer application a few days ago. I hope I get picked. I volunteered for the last two years. Was tons of fun and loved meeting and working with everyone. My goal is to have a car by then and hopefully drive out to San Diego in July. The only issue is that I don't get paid for those days off so I'll need to save up. Also need to work on finding some floor space or a closet to crawl into.

I also had hoped to be half the size I am now, but that rolling pin idea hasn't worked itself out yet.

Urgh! Aside from my leg occasionally giving me grief, my body decided I needed to lose my powers TWICE this month. (If you don't know what I mean by "powerloss" - I'm not going to take the time to tell you.) In any case, I should - hopefully - have my powers back in a day or so.

In other news of the boring variety, I have been experimenting with products for my hair. Those that know me know I'm a tomboy and don't care much for lengthy styling sessions but still need to tame the "beast". I just wash it, condition it, and put something in it that doesn't make me look like a dandelion on crack and doesn't make my hair feel all crunchy and look all hair helmety. I still have yet to perfect a method to my fro's madness. Usually I miss a spot leaving random parts of my frizzy and dry. I rarely have a good hair day. Sometimes I wish I were girlier so I would know more about things like makeup and hair and fashion, but nope. I just powder my face so it's not shiny, I pull my hair back in a clip or hair tie, and I wear what's comfortable.

I've been watching a lot of curly hair videos, but all the vids that I watch are either for African-American hair with much tighter curls than me or girls with wavy hair (which are WAY less curly than me). In any case, I decided to play mixologist and in a small empty moisturizer jar that I cleaned out, I mixed some things that alone don't really do anything for my hair but hopefully together... well, we'll see.

Okay. It's been two weeks. I think this post is long enough.

Later my lovelies! (hopefully not two more weeks later)

Have Goodness!

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