Monday, April 15, 2013

Movies, Chiro, and Missing Fridays...

Sarah Whittle: You just saw three monkeys go by on a motorcycle, didn't you?
Judy Shepherd: Yeah.
Sarah Whittle: Good girl.
-from the movie "Jumanji"

SOOO... nothing much happening in my world... aside from occasionally typing on a keyboard where the Y doesn't want to work. If you were to hear me typing, every once in a while, you'd heard a hard BAM on one key.

Guess which one that would be?

Was reassessed by the chiro Friday. Neck looking better. Lower back and leg about the same though also getting better. He re-taped my leg so instead of looking like this: # ... it now looks like a fat version of this: +. He now switched my visits to once a week (I think I heard him say for a month), so I'm seeing him in a week - aka this coming Friday. He'd asked me if he'd given me something - I think something like the wobble board for exercises but instead for my back - and I told him no.

In other news, after work Friday, I headed over to Jimbo and Leabo's house to feed their cats and stab one of them (insulin shot) and then meet up with them at the movie theatre to watch The Croods. I have to say I was a little wary about whether or not I wanted to see that movie. It just didn't jump out and grab me like most movies do. But I thought why not. I'd be with friends, and also it was free (a thank you for taking care of the cats... which I'm happy to do whenever I can). The movie was funny, the animation was amazing, and dammit if the flick didn't make me cry. Sheesh!

My favorites in the film were Belt and the baby. Guy and Gran were pretty cool, too.

Hung out with Lailani B Thursday night. I was a little hungry, but she said wasn't so much... just wanted to snack on meat. She was craving Korean so with the help of my Yelp app, I found three Korean places open late. I had her pick one, and off we went. It was a nice little hole in the wall and reminded me of the hot pot place I went to where you cook your own food. We shared a meal and some berry wine. The food was all right though I was tired so I don't think I appreciated/enjoyed it as much as we would have. My original intention was to maybe try and sneak in a movie on the way home - Side Effects - but she texted me, and I answered.

I thought about seeing it Saturday after work, but it was no longer playing at the cheapy theatre on the way home. I think it's still playing in regular theatres, but I only have one movie pass left. Wanna make it a good one. Have a tentative date with Jimbo to see GI Joe: Retaliation (which I don't expect to be great, but the cast and action will make me happy). Leabo doesn't want to see it which is fine since Jimbo didn't want to see Evil Dead which I saw with her on Tuesday. There's talk of going to see the Iron Man movie marathon, but I thought it was just going to be the three Iron Man flicks, but they're including The Avengers. Hmmm. If Jimbo and Leabo do it with me (or if SOMEONE does), I'll go, but solo? I'll just do Iron Man 3.

Even though a lot of people shat on the Sam Raimi OZ movie, I still want to see it. Maybe I'll have to wait for a girls night with the DVD and cocktails.

I'm starting to learn production at work. I did a little on Friday before I left for the day. Did one update which was essentially editing/updating an already established document. So far I haven't heard anything about it so I'm thinking it went okay. Wes H did my training, and I finished it before I left, and the last think I remember him saying was that he was going to update it that night... or at least that's what I thought he said. *shrug*

Haven't written much. Wrote another post about Sour Rockstar drinks but nothing much after that.

I have two fanfic scenes to two different fanfics running amok in my head.

One is from LEVERAGE, and it's a fight scene.

The other is from BLOOD BOOKS/SMOKE BOOKS by Tanya Huff and is a love scene with Henry Fitzroy (as played by Kyle Schmid from the Blood Ties TV series).

Both scenes keep changing slightly, and maybe I'll write them out some day to get them out of my head... but we'll see.

Had a Western-y dream Friday night which I thought odd since I don't usually dream Westerns.

(The following is copy/pasted from my Facebook.)

Had a weird Western-y dream last night. I was the only chic of a four person group. Others in the group were Robert Redford and William H Macy. Can't remember the fourth guy since he'd gone on ahead. We all wore black/dark grey clothes. It was grey skies and a little muddy. We rode out of town starting our journey, and I said "I need a gun." Both men handed me a weapon - Macy to my right handed me a shotgun, Redford to my left a hefty pistol. I took the shotgun but Redford still offered the pistol if I wanted it. I must've turned him down since he pocketed it back in his holster. I slipped the gun strap over my shoulder and continued to ride. Eventually we made it to wherever we were going. We met up with our fourth member who I still have no idea who he was. We were looking for someone. I was dressed in pants and made to look not blatantly female since that would be a problem though my long dark hair laid in a braid down my back.

And aside from the feeling of the situation being serious and tense - like what we were up to was life and death important - that's all I remember.

Turns out Jimbo had a Western-type dream, too. He told it to me when I came over Sunday night for Game of Thrones. His was a movie type where he was just watching what was happening. Had to do with a woman named Sara who was really a French chic named Jaqueline, and people were deporting French people back to France. Sara/Jaqueline was married, and then there was this other chic named Sara so they swapped passports, and the other Sara was like "I've always wanted to see Paris." (Did I get that right, Jimbo?) I thought it was a cool and interesting dream, and he said, "Well, mine didn't have Robert Redford and William H Macy in it handing me guns."

In truth, I thought my dream was pretty cool. Redford had shaggy blond hair and scruff. Macy had his long hair from Shameless and a full beard/facial hair. My hair looked like I had it when I'd straightened it recently - pulled back in a ponytail under my hat though loose wavy (not curly) strands framed my face.

I wish I remembered more. Would have made a good story. Never written a Western before. Might take a stab at it one of these days.

Other than that, nothing much has happened in my life. Just work, home, friends, sleep, Hulu...

Jimbo and Leabo are recording "Remember Sunday" for me since I'll be working that night and wouldn't be able to watch it anyway at my house. Yay for Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel! They'll also be saving Game of Thrones for me so that's something else to watch.

Sleepy now. Lunch hour almost up. Been snacking on my shredded pork in garlic sauce. (Was spicier than I thought it'd be, but good.)

Okay, time to find some kind of crack to wake my ass up and keep me awake until 7pm (that's when I'm outta here).

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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