Friday, June 7, 2013

Something's Missing...

I hate my life sometimes, I really do.
-Liberace from the movie "Behind the Candelabra"

So Thursday was full of no sleep and globetrottingishness... but some scribbling in a notebook was done so it wasn't all a total writing loss.

Yesterday was my day off so I had scheduled a trip to the Chiro office for my re-exam regarding the accident I had back in February. My lawyer - who I had met through the Chiro many many moons ago - wanted to meet regarding Monday's accident. I told him of my appointment, and he suggested we meet before it. Chiro was at 11am. Lawyer wanted to meet at 10:15am relatively nearby the Chiro neighborhood.

My plan was to get up early enough to hit the CHP office to get the driver info page of the accident report so I could hand it off to the Lawyer, but I was afraid of getting lost and being late to the Lawyer and then to Chiro so I just headed out to the designated Starbucks to meet with him.

It's been 10 years since I've physically seen my Lawyer so when I got there ten minutes early, I called him. He wasn't there yet but would be soon so I waited. Eventually when he got there, we discussed Monday's accident, and I gave him all the info I had at the time. I told him what happened, I signed some paperwork, and then we left.

Chiro was fun. I got to turn in the borrowed wobble board - so no more nightly exercises with my cat looking at me with a WTFrak expression. Of course there was paperwork. When I was done with it, Chiro and I went to a room to chat. He poked and prodded my neck, back and leg. After all that was done, he retaped my leg (purple instead of blue this time), I got to go on the stim (aka electro-stimulation) table for ten minutes. (Oh how I have missed that table.) This time it was accompanied with ice versus the heat pack from memories of days long gone. When my stim session was done, I was adjusted though I wasn't aware anything moved. I had to ask. He said, "Yes it moved," with this pseduo-DUH! expression. Normally I feel it more or hear a loud BOOM! or POP!, but that time I didn't. In any case, I felt better.

Then it was off to Leabo's for some Liberace, but I had to make two pit-stops - one at the car dealership to get info on parts quotes (need to go back to that area since their AutoMall area is rather large, and I need to do some car shopping for myself) and then to the post office for a money order (and more stamps that I bought mainly because they were pretty).

Leabo, Scherbo and I watched "Behind the Candelabra" which I liked, but dude... Matt Damon has some strategically sparkly speedos. And I absolutely loved Carlucci (Bruce Ramsay) and how he walked and moved, Debbie Reynolds was fabulous as Frances Liberace, and Rob Lowe just made me laugh too much merely by the way he acted and looked - didn't even have to say anything.

Jimbo had come home toward the end of the movie. Scherbo and I left but ended up chatting with Jimbo and Leabo before we really did leave. Kim had ordered Chinese food for dinner for Dusty's World which I made it before the show started. I toasted with a Pacifico and tried not to be too greedy with the walnut prawns Kim ordered for me. (One of the only two times I'll eat walnuts... the other is in baklava.)

After the show, Kim left and so did I shortly after. I was running on fumes by that point. I had maybe 2-3 hours sleep with barely any the night before and the night before that.

When I got home, it felt odd not to have to do the wobble board exercises. I plotted out my Friday. Had to get gas in the car and then try to find the CHP office. (Google maps/directions fail.) Found the place, parked next to an empty spot that had an eaten cob of corn in it (which I thought was odd since my friend just sent out a mass text about a BBQ she's having this weekend which ended with "... and I think someone is bringing corn." Anyway, I got the front page of the report (the actual report should be ready by Wednesday or so according to the people in the office. I forgot to ask how much that cost since the police report for my February accident cost some green to get. I just need to remember to ask when I call to check and then stop by an ATM on the way back... whenever that'll be.

I just want my life back.

Sure, it wasn't ideal to begin with, but all this... crap... that's been going on. It's just been driving me cooky. I'm a heaping pile of bummed dipped in stressed rolled in frakkin tired as frak. I want my body back, I want this legal shit to be done with, I want a car, I want people to stop hitting me with theirs, I want to be a part of San Diego this year... I want a little regularity in my life which I don't think I've had in a long LONG time.

I'm just tired. So tired.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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