Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Something Before My Head Explodes...

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.
-Willy Wonka from the movie "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"

So... I've been writing a little.

It's not much, and not all that great so don't expect too much, but I am a little proud and happy with myself.

As mentioned previously, Noemi is at part twenty-three with Suspicion and Worry. In addition, other stuff I've written (in no particular order)...
So far so good, right?

What else has been going on in my life?...

Car -- Yeah, I've been hit twice in the span of five months. Woo hoo! The universe can blow me. Today I went to the chiropractor, and he's mainly been treating my back for the second accident so when hitting the stim table today, he asked how I was feeling, and I told him about how my leg (now mainly the ankle and knee) have been grumpy and the funky feeling in my thigh has come back. So after stim, he had me prop my leg up on the table with my foot dangling off. He held my foot and asked me where it hurt. I told him, and he grabbed my ankle with both hands and did this motion and it POPPED!!! Of course I made a noise... kind of along the lines of a whine mixed with a grumbly grimace. He giggled at me and asked if I was okay, and I told him that was NOT one of my favorite things. (We'll see how things are tomorrow when I go back.)

Family -- My father has officially been in California since yesterday and neither my brother or I have heard from him. I sent him a message about my time off availability and have not heard back from him. I'm trying not to take anything personally, but without getting into it... I have Daddy-issues... or more over Issues with Daddy. Nevertheless, I'll be able to see the rest of my family (including my awesome fellow weirdo niece). It would be cool if we could plan a trip to Fontana to see Grandma, but that's not looking like an option though I'm not sure. Maybe something can happen.

Hair -- Scheduled a last minute appointment at DryBar last week Friday after work - partly since I felt the need to be pampered and partly cuz I had a sinus migraine that was killing the front and back of the left side of my head, and I thought a scalp massage would help. I didn't get the girl that I had the two times I went before who was there - just busy. The chic I got was nice though didn't seem to be able to tame The Beast as well as my usual girl can. When booking an appointment, I can request someone if they're available, but usually you get who you get when you walk in. There's one dude that works there, and I want him to do my hair at least once. He's shampooed me once for my usual girl, and he is fabulous. I wonder what he would do with my tresses. -- I also need to dye my hair. Maybe I can get my mom to do that this weekend. I dunno. Will have to see. I have WAY too many colors going on in my hair. I need to consolidate that mess into one color (if I can). I thought about doing an off-color color (like purple or blue or whatever), but it's too much hassle at the moment, and bleach hates my hair and red fades too quickly... *sigh*

FatAss -- So I live near a track that's part of a recreation facility type place, and I decided that I am going to start walking again. This whole "exercise" thing is a little difficult to schedule working the shifts I do... add on top of that all the extra crap I've been doing (doctor appointments, car drama, regular personal errands, etc), the only time I seem to have is late at night... which really isn't all that convenient for me, but I started pushing myself to take my happy ass dressed in work out/walking clothes and sneaks to the track to walk at least four laps (in school I was taught four laps is about a mile). My leg is still a little cranky so I usually walk as much as I can until my leg decides that it's gonna pitch a fit and wants to go home. Walking the track at night is peaceful and cool, but I wish it were better lit. The new sneaks I got just for walking needed some breaking in so that stopped my walks for a couple days while my feet settled from their blisters and raw skin. At present I'm dealing with powerloss and also prepping for family time so I'm hoping I'll be starting up the walking again. I have my work schedule for the next two weeks. I'm thinking Monday should be a good time to start walking again? I close that night so I'll try and remember to bring a change of clothes with me to work.

San Diego -- I had originally planned to go to San Diego for NERDHQ this year, but as July neared, I found that work still hadn't told me that I would get the time off. The more drama the universe dished out to me, the more unlikely it looked like I wouldn't be able to go and have a good time even if I had a ride there (which I was hoping to have a car by now) as well as a place to sleep (I could always sleep in my car?). Regardless, I emailed my Lead that does the schedule to tell her that I wouldn't need the time off anymore. All the legal stuff, car stuff, chiro appointments... it just seemed impossible. Admittedly she was a little grateful. I mean, I asked for the time off a couple months ahead of time at least, but then I get an email earlier this month that even though I put it in so far in advance, there was no guarantee that I would get the time off. Then one chic didn't show up to work for a while, and then another girl left for another job... so we were a little short staffed making the schedule a week to week thing versus a month to month. Not being to plan for San Diego made me a little grumpy and bummed. So Kathy (who is also staying home from San Diego this year) will be passing the time together drinking and watching movies/shows. There was the idea of turning SDCC/NERDHQ into a drinking game, but it's just an idea at this point. -- So yeah, I'm totally jealous of all my nerdling peeps who'll be at NERDHQ this year. I gotta keep thinking... there's always next year, right? (Although in a fantasy state of mind, it would be fabulous if there was a way I could see First Date on broadway to make up for missing San Diego. I think with everything I've been through, I deserve that, right?)

Yeah. I know.

All right. This post has gone on long enough. I think I'm going to finally post this. I'll talk to all y'all later.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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