Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not A Lot of Writing & A Whole Lotta Pain

No, I'm serious. Try that again, and I will take your balls.
-Faye from comic "Questionable Content"
I'm not the happiest camper right now, but I'm trying to keep calm.

In the meantime, really... don't frak with me. Seriously.

I have found that I'm a little sensitive to negativity lately... and by that I mean toward me. Most of my friends are good at getting when it's time to stop giving me shit for something, but my family is a different story. And I love them, and I know they mean it in a jovial light hearted matter, but really... if I ask you politely to stop? Stop.

I also don't need to be reminded about the stupid shit that's going on in my life... at the break neck speed of a snail running through crazy glue.


Got in the car Monday to head over to the chiropractor. Left lower back was none too pleased which left me rather unhappy. Driving was a bit of a feat since sitting normal was not quite helping with the pain. When I got to the office, he noticed that I didn't get up too quickly. Mentioned it had been bothering me. I laid down on the table, and he plugged the electrodes to my lower back, added ice, and shocked me for about ten minutes. Later he brought me into his office, and I think he was working out the sore bits near where I told him my back was unhappy. His table is rather low to the ground so when he hit a sore or tender spot, I flailed my arms a bit and smacked the floor.

Chiro: Don't like that, do you?
Me: Not one of my favorite things, no.
Chiro: Well, you'll take it and you like it.

He giggled at that but kept prodding. I told him that most likely would be the highlight of my day... my chiropractor telling me that I would take it and like it. He laughed even louder which, even at my expense, is always nice to hear. Then came the popping which was happymaking though after I left and got to work it started to act up again. The lower left side of my back to my ankle had varying degrees of "FRAK YOU!" aches and pains that made sitting difficult. At one point I had to stand at the computer I was working at because as grumbly as it was to stand, it was a little more grumbly to sit. By the end of the night, my back and leg felt a little better.

Tuesday was my day off, and I was kinda happy that I actually had a day to myself. I wasn't driving anywhere, didn't have a doctor's appointment or a lawyer meeting. There were some things that I could have done, but I chose to sleep in. (Joy!) Sadly a sinus headache took me over and left me a little unhappy, but then I had enough of the dog barking and other little things that were keeping me awake. I nasal rinsed my head (which didn't help much) and headed out for salad and friend time.

As the day wore on, my back grew progressively grumpier. At the end of the night, I still wasn't able to fall asleep when I would have liked or had a decent amount of sleep. My phone volume was turned down for some reason even though when I set the alarm it said it was all the way up. I barely heard the Hawaii Five-0 theme, and I think I only heard it since I was awake due to my cat whining at me for something. I got up, showered, took surface streets (since I'm still a little phobic about the freeway in commuter traffic), and then hobbled into work.

I plan on making a doctor's appointment when I can -- the girly doctor variety -- since my powerloss is acting out of control and my chest hurts where the seatbelt restrained me during the February accident.

So Wednesday went off without too much of a hitch. My back was still aggravating me, and I kept adjusting in my seat like I was sitting on razor blades or shards of glass or something. No way to get comfortable. Other than that, work was fine. I ate Advil like candy and decided I was getting a massage.

Drove out to the Ranch 99 plaza where this massage place was. I tried them once before and was quite happy. This time it was a woman that kneaded me like vehicularly damaged dough. After she was done, I could walk again without limping. It was fantastic! The thing I thought was interesting was that the chic that beat on me (and I use that term in good humor since I was very tense and she literally had to apply lots of pressure to get things to move) massaged me differently than that guy did from my first visit. I was under the impression (of my own thinking) that they all did the same stuff - no fuss, no muss. This lady started off the same, but then when I turned over and she started working on my back, I think she felt the solidness of my lower back (not sure they saw me limping and grimacing when I had walked in and was waiting my turn). So just when I thought I was done, I felt her pull down my pants and underwear just enough to expose my lower back. Then she lifted up the back of my shirt and (with my permission) undid my bra... you know, like when chics nude sunbathe. She placed a towel on top of my clothed bits, and she started working on my lower back using this slightly mentholated oil. It felt warm and slick and she went to town. As she worked on my back, I heard lots of snaps, crackles and pops, and I grinned with my face in the donut while she continued to work out my kinks. She then placed a hot towel compress on my back, covered me with a towel and worked on my legs and feet. When she was done, she removed the towel, wiped up any excess lotion and oil, pulled up my pants/panties, reclasped my bra, and fixed my shirt. I got up slowly, my face having been smooshed into the donut and tissue. I blinked my eyes open and the first thing I saw was that my hair was HUGE. All the Asians in the place were looking at me and my fluff. My masseuse chic gave me tea and when I was ambulatory once again, I paid her and smiled when I stood up because nothing hurt anymore. Oh sure, I was going to ache later since she punching bagged the shit out of my back, but I didn't care. I was as close to normal as I'd been in a long time since the accident.


In all the time I ever got a massage, I had never bruised from a massage. Normally I was a little sore since I don't get massages every day so my body is not used to that kind of workout. Also she worked me good. She beat me well, and this morning there was a little soreness in my upper back and as I got in the shower and caught my reflection, I saw a slight bruising along my upper spine. I'm sure it'll go away in a day or so, but overall, I'm still in motion, and that makes me happy.

The only thing that aches at all at the moment - and I mean truly aches - is the contusion on my leg, but that'll ache good and long for a while. That sucks, but I had never been t-boned before so I'll be content with being above ground and breathing. Still, it'd be nice to have my body back, but that'll come in time.

So yeah... no real writing has happened since last post, but then again, I've been a little busy. I'm dreaming of a nap right now as I finish off this post, but I'll be heading to my friend Kathy and Steve's for Dusty's World after work. Woo hoo. I'll most likely cut out after the show (or try to) so I can hit the sack early, but meh... we'll see how that goes.

In conclusion, I'm on the edge so don't give me grief else I Hulk out and SMASH your ass!

Other than that, have a nice day!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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