Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crash! Bang! Boom! WTF?!?!?!

Just when it can't get worse, I've had a shit day (NO!)
Have you had a shit day? (NO!) We've had a shit day. (NO!)
I think that life's too short for this, I want back my ignorance and bliss.
I think I've had enough of this, blow me one last kiss.
-from the song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" by Pink

So yesterday totally sucked Joffrey's balls. (Yeah, it was THAT bad.)

One of my coworkers called out, and so the person that opened (who happened to be one of my leads) texted me to see if I could come in an hour early. There was no way I was getting back to sleep (I had already been woken up a few times that morning pre-text) so I replied that I would be there as close to 9am as I could.

Which ended up being 10am.

Heading down the freeway in my friends' manual shift Honda that's being lent to me until I get my own vehicle, I get stopped in bumper to bumper commuter traffic. (Insert sarcastic yays here.) So I get past the college passing an interchange when...


I get hit from behind.

A guy two cars back hit another car who tried not to hit me... and failed. But yay for effort! We were all in the center lane, and I was able to get over to the center divide. They did as well. We tried to exchange information, and he called a tow while I called the police. CHP showed up a little while later and separated the three of us. The other girl's car was sticking out in the carpool lane, so one of the CHP dudes moved it for her, so I was equidistant between two broken cars.

The only damage done to the car that I was in was the bumper which was all kinds of cockeyed. The CHP dude that moved the other chic's car told me to keep my car idling so I turned it back on and sat in my car (as the other two were doing in their respective cars).

After giving the other CHP dude our information, he told me that the information would be available the next day at 8am. Once the CHP gathered all the information for their report, I was told I could go... after CHP dude who told me to idle ripped the bumper clean off saying the tow truck driver would take it away. They made sure traffic was clear before letting me go, and I headed to the office. (I had called and texted updates on what was going on, but finally arrived at 10am - my original shift starting time.)

When there was a lull in work, I spent my entire lunch calling my friend's insurance and returning the call of the insurance of the dude that caused the accident. Since the collision, my left leg got a little more grumpy than usual. I started feeling twinges in my thigh. I iced, elevated and medicated... but what else can I do.

I also called my chiropractor to schedule my re-exam for this Thursday. When still on the freeway, the CHP dude told me to see a chiropractor ASAP, and I told him I'd be seeing one this Thursday. He said to let my chiro know about the accident. When scheduling the appointment, I passed the info onto the receptionist who told the chiro who told the lawyer who called me.

He wants to meet.

So my Thursday will consist of meeting him, going to chiro, watching shows with Leabo and then hanging out with Kathy in the evening. I'm still waiting for something else to add itself on to my list of "What to do on my day off?" as well as "How much drama can we add to Rae's life before she explodes?"

After work I went shopping for jeans and shorts. I have next to nil in shorts, and jeans are not bad to have around. Going by the sizes I've been wearing, I headed to the thrift shop I like and did my usual "grab as many clothes as I can carry to the dressing room and prepare for abject humiliation".

  • I didn't find anything that fit or looked good.
  • Labels lie.
  • Mirrors suck ass.
  • I wanted a peanut butter chocolate shake (but didn't have one... restraint ftw!)
I immediately thought "I'm a fat fuck" and wanted to do something about it. In truth, I already had a plan of sorts but it required some small planning and minor supplies. But the whole thrift store quest took the wind from my sails so I saved plotting and planning for another day.

Went to Whole Foods and checked out their Whole Body store. I like that place. There were some things I was interested in, but I held off and went next door to grab some dinner. I wanted something light so I grabbed various drinks and then also grabbed a yummy quinoa salad as well as some cottage cheese. There was a bin of yummy cookies - of which I only grabbed four and trust me, there were a lot more than that to choose from.

I came home, started laundry, did my wobble board exercises with a little bit of (difficulty?) which I'm not sure if it was from the refreshed bang up job on my body or the fact that I was tired... or both?

I watched a little Hulu, snacked on some salad and cottage cheese, was annoyed by a fly that kept buzzing around my room, found several what feel like ant bites on the top of my right foot. They kind of itch now, but not too bad. (I have a lot of other crap to distract me.)

When laundry was done, I passed the frak out only to be awoken by dogs and an old guy (which all reside in my house). My landlady constantly tries to shut them up, but nothing seems to work. The dogs don't seem to care and the old guy most likely doesn't remember.

Man I wish I had my own place... and a car... and a life...

Yeah yeah yeah... I know. I'm in a mood. Do you blame me for feeling all "woe is me"?

So now it's close to the end of my shift. Coworker and Lead went out to have a smoke. After here, I'm going to the dealership to try and get something my lawyer asked for though I doubt I'll be able to get it for him. Tried to tell him that I didn't have a 9-5 type of job, but I'm not sure he actually got that. *sigh*

Left leg is acting up. Kind of annoying. When I drove off from the collision, things were twitchy/spasmy-like, and yeah... not happy making. We'll see what the chiro has to say Thursday. Also gonna try to to stop by the SJPD tomorrow before work to get some report info.

Took surface streets today. Cuz I could. People still trying to kill me... not happy about it. Getting really tired of the whole Survivor Pole Position that's been going on in the world lately. Frakkin traffic.

Oh! Did I mention that someone almost got into an accident while we were waiting for the CHP and the tow truck driver? All we heard was a squeal of breaks but thankfully no boom. (Thank gawd!)

Okay, I should really sign this thing off. As it is I've been doodling (at best) in my notebooks though not typing anything and the events of yesterday have sort of sent my writing juju progress sliding backwards into Meh-ville.


Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!


  1. Oh Sweetie.. You have had the worst luck.
    These accidents need to stop finding you. *hugs*
    Hope you feel better, don't let weight get you down you're beautiful the way you are, Good luck with the police report, insurance and the rest of the shit storm you constantly seem to be dealing with.

    1. Thanks babe. That means a lot. Hopefully it'll end soon. #fingerscrossed