Monday, August 13, 2012

Something's Gotta Give and Soon!

Ali Rose: H-hold on a second, I can do this!
Tess: And I think that it's sweet that you think that you can. 
-from the musical film "Burlesque"

I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!... I know I can?... I hope I can.

Hello my lovelies! How's it going? I haven't seen you peeps in a while so I thought I'd shoot out a quick update before I attempt to get some shut-eye (though this heat is pretty irritating so we'll see how that sleep thing goes).

Without further ado (in no particular order), here are the current updates for August:
Nedea was a quick update, but it was all that came to mind while I was writing her story.

I'm still a little sketchy with where Della is going, but I'm sure something will come to me.

Blue seems to be moving right along which has me fretting in the back of my mind, but I'm most proud that it's my longest running "series".

Kai's story is getting weird, and I still need to go through early bits regarding one part that I messed up on. Also need to get back to previous characters and not focus too much on Kai.

The coffee shop stuff posted to The Curly Muse is something I wrote off the top of my head. I keep meaning to write poetry, but there seems to be no poetry in me at the moment. I do find that I write my best stuff when depressed, and right now I'm more stressed than bummed so... yeah.

I need to sort out "girl" stuff with the Penelope story. I need to back and take notes on girls, ages, and other stuff so I can further the story along correctly.

BGL (a boy, a girl, and a line...) is running merrily along. I really had no idea what the FRAK I was going to do with the prompt that Jon S had given me, but ta-da... I did something with it. I think there might be more to that story, but we'll see. Next month I'll be starting on the newer prompts friends have given m. Woo hoo! A little excited about that. (Is that a weird thing to be any kind of excited over?)

So that's seven blog updates so far with roughly seven more to go (unless I feel inspired and I can do something with the Wheels stuff I haven't touched in ages.


I feel like a little bit of a failure in the writing department since aside from my own writing (novels aside), it seems to be taking me FOREVER to get anything done. Just finished one thing that took almost a month. Almost done with something else that feels like it's taken just as long. I recently started revisiting another project I had for a couple friends. And now I've kind of taken on a present for a friend - the premise being "a spunky girl next door type who takes a road trip and ends up in OZ".

Maybe it's a confidence thing. The life stresses (which have recently exploded into something much bigger) definitely haven't been helping in the creativity department. I dunno. I'd love to have a job where I wrote professionally, but with the small stuff I get a chance to do every once in a while now leaves me second-guessing myself to the point of ripping my hair out and screaming bloody murder.

I'm hoping some of life stresses will ease up soon (like this week - PRETTY PLEASE!) That would definitely take the edge off of life for the moment.

In the meantime, I will continue writing and doing my best.

And to everyone that has helped me out through all these crappy times, I toast you and give you amazingly large hugs filled with rainbows, sunshine and maybe just a dash of happydancing!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment in the morning. I'm going to squeeze in one show from my Hulu queue and then it's lights out for this chica!

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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