Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inklings, Wishing & Hopeful Moments

Reed Bennett: You don't keep inklings to yourself! You share them! You're like hey guy, I got an inkling you're headed for a fall here! That's what friends do, that's common knowledge, it's in the damn handbook! 

Alphonso: I've never had an inkling before. I wasn't sure what to do with it. 
-from the movie "Valentine's Day"

August updates are done. I wrote my post for "Everything..." a few days ago. But let's be official about this, shall we?
There. Isn't that better?

In other news, I still have a couple stories I just can't seem to get out of my head, and there's a story that I've thought of off/on that has now resurfaced yet again and is distracting me on occasion. It's not bouncing up and down, waving its arms screaming "Look at me! Look at me!", but it's there, and I've been thinking about it. I've got some character names, and a few scenes mentally outlined. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!

I've also been entertaining doing that daily story thing about something that happened in my life... you know, that thing I mentioned in my last post. It would be a daily update thing as opposed to a monthly update thing (though if the muses will allow, I'd write more than just a month at a time), and it would be current day stuff. I think I already have a title for the blog if I do it. I'm giving myself until the end of the month, and if I do, I'll start it on the first of September.

Been a little more tired than usual lately. I think it's due to helping a friend out. Jess F hurt herself recently. Her wacky right knee did it's random thing of shifting causing her to lose her bout with gravity and boom she fell. In the end, she didn't break anything (though she hasn't gone to the doctor yet, waiting on appointments), but she wounded her ankle, knee and wrist (all on the same side). So I'm being her taxi until she can manage on her own. In doing that (since she started a new job recently), I've had to get up and take her to work as well as pick her up and take her home. I don't mind. Aside from being glad to do it since she's a good friend, she's helped me out in my times of need... so all's good.

I'm also hoping it helps my sleep schedule a bit. So far not, but there's hope... maybe.

I've been packing a writing bag, and after dropping Jess off, going to Jim G and Leah G's house. It's mostly to enjoy the silence while they're both off at work (Leah just got a job working at the same company Jim does), but sometimes I do some writing, or I read a little. I've finally caught up on my shows (thanks to Jim and Leah). I even tried out their new AppleTV (due to their cable provider of choice dropping AMC which would prevent us from enjoying HELL ON WHEELS). Love the show.. and now love AppleTV for allowing us to continue enjoying our show.

In other news, my tummy has been upset recently. It's usually toward the end of the day. I don't much care for it seeing as it hinders any writing progress as well as other things such as mobility (due to wanting to curl up in the fetal position until the ache passes) and even sleep. Most of the time the summertime tummy aches (which usually happen at least once - if at all - a summer season) are due to dehydration issues since I usually only drink when I'm thirsty but in warmer weather, I have to remember to force myself to drink more than I regularly do even if I don't feel thirsty or else I get all icky in my tum tum.

But I've been hydrating my ass off so I'm not sure it's that a little bit or not at all. I'm sure stress rearing its ugly head is contributing to my overall crappy feeling, but hopefully things will change as of next week - the end of the week bringing a ginormous (it's a word in the Fro vocabulary, and I'm pretty sure you can decipher it's meaning) surprise reward for me.

I can't wait for my life to begin again and continue to move forward. I feel like I've been in this slump for so long. Once out of it, maybe my writing will flourish even more. Oh the joy of that idea. And to see my family more.

To do other things.

To get a mani, pedi AND my eyebrows waxed! (It's the little things, you know. Plus, I have shitty cuticles and suck at plucking.)

Oh, to have my life moving forward again as opposed to this flatline of an existence that I've been stuck in for the past... buhjilliontrillion years (at least that's what it feels like... maybe even longer). My friends have made the flatline period of my life bearable as well as the family phone calls and Facetime chats, but still... I dream, wish, hope, pray for better... for more.

So yeah. That's it for now. Waiting for September as well as happy moments to come my way. I feel they've been a long time coming and quite overdue.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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