Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wishing On A Full Moon...

Now, I know what you're gonna say, but stick with me. My story gets better.
-Eddie Izzard from "Dressed to Kill"

First off, to get them right out of the way, the final June updates of the update variety...
The original plan was to finish the final three June updates on Saturday (June 30th), but fatigue and sinus headaches kicked my ass so I didn't do them until the second of July.

But now we are in for July updates.  Woo hoo!  Can you feel the excitement?  It's just brimming with anxiety.

Before new submissions were given for "a boy, a girl, and a line..."  (thank you for those, my darlings), there were two original prompts left.  The second to last was from Jillian S and the last was from John S.
I originally thought Jillian's was going to be for June and John's was going to be for July, but guess what?  That's not the case.  Per my notes, I had already done one for June, but by then was already working on a story for Jillian's prompt.  So then I figured I'd make her story the June update for The Curly Muse, but then I opted for a poem instead (thank you Sutton Foster for your tweeted haikus which are much better than the poem you inspired... and for that, I apologize). 

Almost done with Jillian's story.  I had an idea for an ending, and I still need to work on the beginning, but it's mostly done.  Maybe I'll work on John's and then I'll have both stories and one could be the July update for that story blog and the other one could be for The Curly Muse.

Ahhh, the decisions I have to make.

I'm a little preoccupied at the moment due to the fact I have a crap ton of stuff to do before heading to San Diego next Wednesday.  Sadly I will not be attending San Diego Comic-Con.  Instead I can be found in the Gaslamp Quarter across the street volunteering at the awesometastic NERDHQ.  It took a lot of wrangling to get me there (and to all of those that helped in that venture, I thank you from the depths of my most depthiest depthness... truly, you have no idea what it means).

As plans stand right now, I will be leaving Wednesday morning and coming home sometime Sunday (unless some miracle lets me stay until Monday, but that seems doubtful).

I just don't want to miss out on anything.

Things I'll be doing while in San Diego...
  • seeing friends from last year's NERDHQ as well as Twitter
  • volunteering
  • walking (and hopefully losing some weight though my calves most likely will look tremendously fit and fantastic)
  • taking pics and notes for a couple articles I'm writing for a friend
  • karaoke... maybe (Britt F's gonna make me cry she's so good.  Q: In karaoke - Is it better to go on before or after an awesome voice?
  • a zombie party (I got kidnapped by Jenn E. She's making me up and there's an open bar!)
  • staying hydrated (that's a given though I always seem to need to remind myself in the summertime)
  • whatever else I can get my dirty little hands into...
Things I need to do before heading to San Diego...
  • pray
  • "fix" my phone
  • go through my SD cards to give me maximum storage space for all the pics I need to take
  • pray some more
  • get me some Rockstar for the rode
  • laundry
  • pack
  • pray just a tad more
  • find out where I'm staying and how to get there
  • drop some things off at the library (some of my books are due before I leave or during the time that I'll be gone)
  • decide which sneakers to bring
  • get a small travel wallet
  • take care of my storage unit
  • clear out my Hulu account (been watching shows that expire either before or during NERDHQ)
  • do a skosh more praying
  • snacks for the road
  • survive until I leave?
  • did I mention pray? 
  • and... whatever else I need to do (but I'm sure I'm going to forget something)
I should really get to sleep, but I'm not all that tired.

Dogs will do that to you.

I've been taking care of this couples' dogs.  They have two.  They and their new baby and the lady of the couple's sister needed someone to watch their dogs... so since I was available, the offer got passed down from friend to friend to me.  I started the evening of June 30th and have been visiting them twice a day.  They're all so cute, and I was enjoying the silence away from my house and the four tiny dogs there.  I had brought my writing stuff and thought I could get some writing done there, but alas... no such luck.  Also, Monday morning I come in and all three dogs are oh-so-happy to see me.  They greet me at the door, and close the door, drop my stuff in a chair and then head to the sliding glass door to let them outside.  On the way, I see little splatters of... something... on the couch and chair (both are a creme white, leather-ish).  I let them out so I can investigate.

Yep.  It's blood.

I quickly clean up the blood (which in all honesty wasn't much) before letting the dogs back in.  Immediately I find the wounded one since he likes to jump up on me and play.  I noticed him right off the bat since his white fur was a little darker on the top of his head than it usually is.  I sat down on the ground and he came up to me, and I assessed the damage.  Looks like him and the other boy dog (both of which are white poodle mixes of some kind) love to play rough, and I saw that the wounded doggy's right ear had been scratched/bit/etc.  Whenever I tried to clean him up, he wasn't having it.  I got the top of his head decent enough, but in a small panic, I looked around for a phone to contact the "mom", but she didn't leave her number or vet info.  (I remember her mentioning what city it was in, but that was it.)  Since my phone's not working, I fed and watered the dogs before going in search of a payphone but ended up back at my house to a working phone and the internet (I didn't have the house password for their internet, and they didn't have a landline.)  I called and left a couple messages.  No answer.  I left an email.

I called a friend who'd dealt with pets before, but she didn't answer, so I saw Jess F was online and asked if she could help me clean up the dog.  She met me at the house and was my calm zen (love her for that).  I wasn't freaking out, but the fact that I couldn't reach the dog's owner drove me nuts because even though I didn't think it was vet-worthy, but the pooch was on meds (a pill twice a day) because he was at the vet due to eating an entire pack of gum.  I wanted to let her know what happened and see if she wanted me to take him to the vet.  In the end, we decided that I'd update them when I came back that night, and if everything seemed okay, then no vet trip was needed.

Turned out he was fine.  He still didn't want anyone messing with his ear, but he went back to normal really quick.  I usually show up, let them out in the yard, feed them, refresh their water, and just relax.  Sometimes they come up to me and want me to play with them but most of the time they seem to just want someone around.  I take my notebook, pen and bottle of water and chill while they lick my feet or sit next to me or play in the backyard.

It's so nice there... quiet... but I can't seem to write there.  My first full day there, I ended up passing out on the couch for a quick nap.  The day of the bloody ear I had barely slept maybe an hour before heading there.  The plan was to go there, do what I do, and then head home, but then I had the frantic ear-drama so after Jess F left, I tried to work on some writing, but my body/brain was shot so I took a nap before heading to see Leah G for shows and socializing.  Jim G came home, and I had to scoot to deal with the doggies for the evening feeding... and then came back.  After Newsroom and Eureka, I got home sometime after 10pm.  I opened the minibook, looked at the blank page and blinking cursor and shut everything down before melting into my mattress and dying for the night.

The worst EVER is when I want to write, and my body is just too weak to do anything about it.

*shakes fist at the heavens... that is... if I can lift it*

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July... and the last day of doggy daycare.  My landlady is having people over which leaves me to not want to be here.  I myself have been invited to several things which is interesting since transportation for me is limited.  I might swing by somewhere later after I've visited with the doggies for a final time.  That won't be until late so we'll see.

In other news... some writing news... I wish I could print out my story for Jenny S and Chris M so I can go over it in all its glory as opposed to scrolling about on the minibook.  Then I can go back and make the corrections.  The creepy corrections.  LOL!

Dear Creepy Part of Me: Where are you?  I need help with my story.  Let's do lunch soon.  Sincerely, ME

Strangely enough, I have plums dancing around in the back of my mind.  Last time I went to my friends' house, I went out with Kathy W to the backyard.  She said she was getting rid of the bad plums so I thought she was just going to the trash/compost bin, but no... I followed her out back to the vast plum orgy happening in the trees of their backyard.  She was plucking all the bad, possibly infested ones, and picking ripe, ready to eat ones that she could reach.

Since they have an over-abundance of plums, they're looking for recipe ideas.  The only things I could think of were preserves, drying them, baking... anyone have any other ideas?  I want to think of something yummy and original, but nothing's coming to mind.

And now we're back to creepy with a side order of WTF am I going to do for July?

I will be very amazed if I get any writing done before San Diego.  As it is, I'm hoping I'll find some work when I get back home.  I just refused to give up San Diego.  Of all the things I've had to give up due to my current state of unemploy as well as pocketbook grumpiness, I decided to be bitchy and keep one thing for myself.  Is that so wrong?

Several fortunes I've had read or read for myself said that the second half of this year was going to be fantastic.  Let's hope there's some truth to those fortunes.

So hopefully I'll get something before the end of the month.  Oh how I long to contribute to the gross national product again and be secure again.  Frakkin economy... take pity on me, would ya?

All right.  I think it's time to sign off on this post.  As it is, my brain has been playing around with ideas for a new story, an old idea, and a Leverage fanfic... none of that is helping me and my current writer woes and projects.

Calgon... take me the FRAK away!!!

Gonna enjoy the gorgeous full moon while it lasts.  Maybe it'll give me "sweet" dreams.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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