Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I've Lost My Writing Swing

May is coming, and there's a very important question I need to ask myself: Will I be participating in Story A Day In May?

I tried to do this last year, and I barely got a few days in when I started to wig out. I didn't feel like I could keep up or worried over what the prompt meant or what I should write. Ugh! I hate my head sometimes.

I am currently steeping some tea to have before I go to bed. I should have gone to bed a while ago, but I had to watch iZombie, The Flash, and Agents of SHIELD... so you know - priorities and all.

Ugh! And UGH again!

I feel like I've sort of been in a writing slump as of late. I have every intention of finishing one project, but then my brain cramps up and can't continue, and I end up staring at the words I've written so far... and nothing.

What's worse is that other ideas pop into my head, and they won't leave me alone until I jot them down at least to some extent, and then that idea becomes a thing leaving the other story waiting while I get this new idea out of my system.

Vicious cycle. Vicious, vicious cycle.

TEA TIME! Yummy Chocolate Chai by Bigelow. Yum.

Where was I? Oh yeah, whoa is writer me.

Where's Bagger Vance when you need him? I've lost my damn swing, and I need to find it again.

Okay. I'm going to do this. Starting next month - at least with my writing - I'm going to make more of an effort to be productive. I got my corkboard out of storage for a reason. Was going to try and outline some with index cards and push pins to flesh out the outline of one of my novels. Need to get on that.

And on that note, I think it's time I TRY to sleep.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness! (Goodnight & Good Dreams)

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