Saturday, May 2, 2015

Writing & Other Things

Okay. It's 2:38am as I start this. I've been hella exhausted all day, and I almost passed out for a nap when I got home (which come to think of it, I may have passed out for a few minutes).

It's a new month, a new place, and I feel (and look) like poop. (Yay low self image!!!)

Thought: That above line made me think of the song "Feelin' Good" though not as good as the actual song. *sigh*

I used to have a routine. I used to be better than I am now, but I fell into a slump that I'm currently trying to dig myself out of. It's hard work, but I'm going to try and do it. I need to get that routine back. It's a little difficult when you don't have any regularity in your life (aka my ever-changing work schedule) but alas and alack I shall have to make due.

Life would be so much better if I had more energy and didn't require so much damn sleep.

Anyway, due to May being a new month and all, I figured it would be the start of me trying to get things back in order. I mean, I already have my own place so that's a start, right?

First off, it's STORY A DAY IN MAY again, and I'm going to try and do this thing, dammit! Now I will right off the bat admit to most likely not doing all the prompts on time, but dammit, it's the thought/effort that counts, right? Also from what I remember there are two prompts per day: one offered by the site and one offered by a guest author. Right now the site's prompt for the first day is Limit Yourself to 40 Minutes where as the guest prompt is from Gretchen Rubin which is a quote from a William Blake's Proverbs Of Hell from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

What's the worst that could happen?

In addition to writing a couple stories a day (or trying to), I will also make an attempt to go back to the gym. Granted now I live further away from it than I used to, but I'll make it work... somehow. I probably won't go back until Sunday or maybe after Cinco de Mayo is over. We'll see. And I've also started using my Lose It app again. (Dear gawd, it's been a while.) Today at work was our ALL HANDS MEETING which happens once a month, and we have it catered. This time we had Dickey's BBQ so I had a small sampling of most of the meats, a small scoop of mac n cheese as well as mashed potatoes and a small thing of bread that I didn't even eat.

Now the size if what I hate wasn't all that great, but adding it to the app? Dear gawd. I try to walk some at work - mainly to stretch my legs and back since when you get hit by cars a lot, it tends to make your body stiffen up and creak, and I don't know about you, but I don't like that. I take walks around the building and at home (unless I'm moving something), I make myself take the stairs.

I need to get some new workout clothes as well, at least some shirts. I will admit I reuse the clothes a few times since I sweat but not disgustingly so. I'll wear the same clothes for a few days and then wash them. I have two good pairs of shorts, but I need a few more decent breezy shirts to wear and change out. I also need a gym bag that holds one set of clothes. Sometimes I go straight there, change in the bathroom, and leave in my gym clothes. The bag I'm using now isn't cutting it.

May is also the month where I start doing stuff to my apartment and paying back the people that helped me get here.little by little. I'll get there.

And now it's 3:25am, and it's taking me forever to not only string together a cohesive, coherent thought... it's taking me even longer to get it from my brain, to my fingers to the keys, and into this post.

I think it's time I call it a night.

Tomorrow is to be filled with the post office, grabbing some food for work, work, and then to my friend's house again for cat duty. (I hung out with Kathy last night with the intention of going with her and Steve to see Avengers: Age of Ultron on Sunday, but then I left and impulsively went to an 11:10pm showing at the mall (run time said something like 2h20m). Then nerd-psyched, I went home - after finding a freeway entrance not blocked by construction so I could actually get home - and watched ARROW and THE BLACKLIST before I went to bed. Then after work I went to my friend's house for cat duty.

I'm surprised I haven't collapsed already.

Or maybe this is The Matrix, and I have a cable stabbed into the back of my neck, and I'm writing all this with my mind.

Yeah. I need sleep.

Later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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