Monday, May 4, 2015

Refusing To Sleep The Day Away

I managed to not sleep the day away today. Aren't you proud of me?

Today I missed out on my second viewing of Avengers: Age of Ultron. I got too busy and tired and didn't buy my ticket ahead of time. I chance getting to the theatre today and getting a ticket, but it was sold out. I texted Kathy to let her know what happened, and that I could meet up after for lunch. Then I tried to think of what to do for two hours and twenty minutes (which is what my movie theatre app says is the run time for Avengers/Ultron). I thought about seeing a different movie at the same theatre that would possibly get out around the same time, but all the movies I wanted to see had already started, their next viewing time starting close to when Kathy and Steve would get out of the Avengers.

I went back to my car and listened to my current audiobook selection ("The Gunslinger" by Stephen King), and then thought I could go to the used bookstore or Barnes & Noble and eyeball a whole bunch of books that I'd want but end up with a coffee and my notebook doodling out ideas. My body was just not having it. The mind was willing, but the body was dead still. (Have I mentioned I haven't been sleeping well lately?) So on the way to Barnes & Noble, my body said, "You better pull over before I crash us into something." Being rather attached to myself as well as Nameless, I pulled into the lot across the street from where the movie theatre was, parked it under a shady tree, and listened the audiobook some more until my body said, "Do I have to remind you how much sleep we got last night?" Then I remembered. (Oy vey with the insomnia already!) So I cracked all the windows, set my alarm for when the movie would be letting out, reclined my seat, and proceeded to nap.

Sad thing was when we met up for lunch after, when I was done with my burger, I wanted another nap. (NO FAIR!!! Dammit!!!) I was determined to not pass out, to not give up and go home and sleep the day away. I always feel shitty afterwards like I wasted the day away... BECAUSE I DID!!!

No one was going to keep me motivated but me so I headed to WalMart to do some window shopping for some kitchen/bathroom things. The location I went to didn't really have much in the way of bathroom things - I'm looking for a cabinet/stand for over the toilet storage - but I've been playing with the idea of getting a blender since I kinda want to start making breakfast smoothies.

I watch a lot of cooking shows, and I've seen the smaller blenders where you fill the cup, place it upside down on the machine and blend it... or you place the motor part over the cup and blend that way. I'm trying to decide if I need a full blown average sized blender or if - since it's just for me - get the smaller "bullet" type. WalMart had a few that were affordable-ish... like the Hamilton Beach one, but I'll figure it out... I guess... eventually...

I think I also might need a mini-chopper. Just sayin'.

Still feeling a little sluggish - did I mention I got coffee on the way to the store? - so I decided to hit the outlet mall and go to Bed Bath & Beyond.

First up was the bathroom section. I am not happy with the shower curtain. I needed something when I first moved in so water didn't spill out onto the floor and make the bathroom a pool, so I bought a cheap curtain really quick to tide me over until I found something else I liked. So far at the outlet BB&B, I'm drawn to a few with patterns, but I really like this one type that comes in solid colors, and I'm torn between purple or burgundy.

I also saw this shower curtain where you can stuff things in the pouches. Now I plan to get a shower caddy or tower, but I dunno... this could be cool, too. I wonder if I could use this as a liner or something. The shower curtain that I've been eyeing comes with its own liner but maybe I can use all three? I mean, would be bad to put the curtain on the outside, the liner inside, and the curtain with the pouches furthest in the shower? I'm not sure I want to do that if I get the caddy or the tower, but we'll see. Just a thought.

And speaking of towers... I had one in the house I shared with Jaime and Anna. Jaime and I shared a bathroom so to keep our stuff sorted, I suggested a tower with shelves. I got a decent one - not the cheapest but nothing that would totally break the bank. It was one of those wire frames that was coated in white paint that felt rubbery... the standard tower unit. After we all moved out of that house, and I went to renting the room in the crazy house, I brought the shower tower with me since I was sharing the shower with at least one other person on a regular basis. In the end, the shower was all mine due to the William not being able to successfully brings his limbs up and over the tub side. Landlady's family came to visit sometimes... and usually my stuff was being used instead of them bringing their own... even when I labeled and separated what was mine onto to shelf and everything else on the others. Nope, they just HAD to take mine.

Regardless, I noticed the thing started to rust and crack and... yeah, not cool. I ended up leaving it, but I like the idea of the tower unit. Plus since my place is just a little studio apartment, I'm trying to make the most of the space I got, so I thought I'd look for a tower to fit in my shower that wouldn't rust. Of course the one I found that I like, is easy to install, is a brand I like, and won't rust... IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE!!! (There's another metal one for maybe $40.00, but I don't want to buy it just to have it and then most likely have to replace it.


Next section in the land of Rae needs shiznit for her place was an electronic kettle. (Between the bathroom stuff and the kettle was bedding and curtains for the living room, etc, nothing I really need to deal with at present though I took pics and made notes on what I thought was neat before moving on.)

There was a kettle that I saw on "emmymadeinjapan" - a YouTube channel I follow - and she talked highly of it, so I thought "Yes, I want that one." I think my friends Kevin and Diana have one as well. Lucky bastards.

So of course in my window/price comparison shopping, I finally found the kettles just past the coffee pots (I have found the coffee press I'll be getting myself eventually... huzzah!) and saw the limited selection of kettles. And there about four or five down the line was the one that I wanted... and it ends up being the most expensive. (DAMN! I hate that. Every time I like something, there is either no price tag and ends up being hella expensive or right off the bat it's too expensive. I don't mean to seek these things out on purpose. It just happens. And it makes me grumbly.)

Currently I'm debating on what I want to do. At present when I make myself a cup of tea - which I have been every night before sleepytime - I take my giant Stitch mug, fill it with water, nuke the water for a few minutes, then pour the hot water over the honey and tea bag in the smaller mug, stir, add milk, stir some more and then cover it to let it steep. (Right now, my Stitch "I Hate Mornings" mug lives in my microwave when it or the microwave are not in use.)

When I shop, I usually go around the store taking note of all the things that I'd like to buy, and then going back around to gather the things that I really need or can only get there. I've gone to various stores as well as shopped online so I'm checking what place has what and for what price.

I just need to go ahead and win the lottery already. Sheesh.

I am also interested in getting a crockpot - which my mother so obliviously said, "Crockpot? That'll take all day!" I had to tell her that yeah, so dinner will be done cooking while I'm at work. Or I can cook it on my day off and then portion if off in tupperware for the week. It's like "Um, Mom? That's the point of the crockpot - to slow cook all day."

How long have crockpots been around? And my mother hasn't heard of them?

In moving into my new place, the small solo studio does not have an oven... which bummed me out a great deal since I like to bake on occasion, and no oven means no baking. But I bask in the happy that I have my own place and cope.

My brother was the first to say "TOASTER OVEN" to which I replied "Um, okay?" The toaster ovens I've seen have been small - like my mom's - and big enough to toast bread or pastries. So when I mentioned baking, my brother led me to believe there were toaster ovens that can do tons of things.

Yeah, I called shenanigans, but let it go.

Today at BB&B, I saw the wall of toaster ovens... and came face to face with a giant Wolfgang Puck one. Now mind you, it was only about twice, MAYBE two and a half times the size of the toaster ovens I usually see and not big enough to fit a tray of cookies or muffins to cook and set up, but it was still pretty big by my personal comparison. And like the crockpots, they are quite pricey.

So yeah... those two bad boys will have to wait.

What did I end up buying? - you ask. Well, around the time I was looking at the shower tower organizers, I passed two carts of clearance. One had pillows and linens on it. After walking around the store with the only real purchase that I felt was truly important if I bought nothing else - a drain cover to catch hair from going down the drain (yes, I shed) - I went back and grabbed the giant purple pillow that is about as big as my torso that was on clearance for about $15.00, and then also bought a dinette tray - the kind you put food on when you're eating in bed - to use as a temporary desk when writing since I don't have an actual desk yet and the only place I have to sit aside from the floor is my bed. It provides a much better angle and the pillow is being used to support my back.

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

The plan was to come home - which at the time I had decided to call it a day and return to my as-of-yet-unnamed-domicile - and WRITE!!! But then YouTube and dinner and Facebook...

Yes, I suck. Moving on.

Okay. It's late, I wrote nothing (save this blog about my day), and I should hit the sack since I need to go to the post office tomorrow before work. I would have gone Saturday before work, but there was a festival going on and all roads were blocked. *grumble grumble*

So without further ado... goodnight and later my lovelies.

Have Goodness!

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